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Questions tagged [arev]

{arev} is for questions pertaining to the implementation of Arev Sans, a sans serif font, in text and maths for LaTeX.

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3 answers

Not exists in with arev?

I want to use the arev font for math. I noticed that the \nexists symbol does not render properly. Is it possible for me to use this font while having access to any special symbols that may be missing ...
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How to typeset micrometer (µm) using Arev font and SIUnitx

I have tried both of the following but the micro symbol is still incorrect since its serif whilst arev is a sans serif font: \sisetup{detect-all} \sisetup{math-micro={\usefont{T1}{phv}{m}{n}\text{\...
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1 answer

Minus sign too long

The minus sign in arevmath is too long. In particular, it is longer than the plus sign. Is there a way to correct this? \documentclass{article} \usepackage{arevmath} \usepackage{xcolor} % \...
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Arevmath and letter a

The arevmath package offers two different a, available as \origa and \vara (default value). However, adding \DeclareMathSymbol{a}{\mathalpha}{extraitalic}{50} in the preamble to turn \origa as the ...
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The Arev Symbol of Fraction

Excuse me. I have used \usepackage{arev} to reproduce Arev font in \LaTeX. But, the root-square symbol and the fraction symbol are still thin, not bold, and still in Roman form. How to change the ...
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1 vote
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Changing and declaring fonts for parts of the document without changing the default

This might be a silly question, but I am very confused of how to declare fonts for only one sentence/paragraph. The solution I found was to use {\fontfamily{ppl}\selectfont ... } However, I am not ...
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2 votes
1 answer

make4ht crashes, error code 256, when using arev with bold font

This might be known issue, but did not see it googling. I sort of remember seeing this before, but I could be wrong. So thought to post this just in case. If this is known, will delete this. This MWE ...
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5 votes
1 answer

LaTeX arev package and nonfunctioning nmid macro

I just installed the latest texlive distribution on my MacBook. I noticed one thing that doesn't work. If I use the arev package, then $a \nmid b$ does not work. Here is the code: \documentclass{...
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8 votes
2 answers

Upright and sans-serif µ

I'm using the Arev font for text and math in my document. Everything works fine, except for the "µ". I coudn't find a solution to get an upright and sans-serif µ in my document. This is my MWE: \...
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1 answer

Replace delimiter symbols in Arev Sans for proper scaling

[Edited to expand question] I'm using Arev Sans for presentations with Beamer but the default parentheses in math bother me. The smallest sets don't match well the next larger stretched sets. In ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Fake small caps with UTF-8 on pdfTeX

I am using arev package for a scientific LaTeX article (compiling using pfdlatex) and would like to use small caps for certrain proper names. On the internet I found a code \def\fauxschelper#1#2\...
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3 answers

What's wrong with arev's subscript placement?

Short story: why does LaTeX's default math font manage to align the two v subscripts in columns 3 and 4, while the arev math font, shown in the second line, produce separate vertical positions for ...
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