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Using Arial and special characters

I have to use Arial in my document. If I want to use special characters in the text, such as numbers set higher or lower, these are not displayed or are only displayed as a rectangle.Superscript 2(²) ...
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Arial font, and non-scalable mathcal fonts

I have to use the Arial font and I do that as follows (Helvetica is close to Arial): \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{phv} % Helvetica \renewcommand{\sfdefault}{phv} % Helvetica The other solution I have ...
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How to set Arial Narrow font for my entire document with font size 10.5pt?

\documentclass[letter,10.5pt]{article} \usepackage[head=0pt,bottom=0.6in,top=0.8in, left=0.5in,right=0.5in, footskip=1cm]{geometry} %%%%%%%%%%% pdflatex %%%%%%%%% \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage{...
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Change math font to Arial

I'm working on submitting a manuscript-style scholarship essay, and the formatting must be 12pt Arial. Which I was able to get working using LuaLaTeX. However, once I got that working, I quickly ...
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How can I use Arial Narrow in the VSCode editor?

I use VSCode along with MiKTeX. Although XeLaTeX and LuLaTeX seem to be installed when I checked on MiKTeX, I cannot use the \fontspec package to use Arial Narrow.
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XeLaTeX: Arial small caps

I'm searching for the way to use \textsc and \scshape when I compile with XeLaTeX my document and I set Arial font. \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}\usepackage{fontspec}\setmainfont{Arial} I am using ...
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Use Arial in Overleaf

I'm writting my final degree project in Overleaf, using XeLaTeX. One of the main requierements is to use Arial font in the entire document. And here is where the problem begins... I've tried many many ...
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Man text document is in 'italicised Arial' and not 'normal Arial' font

I am using overleaf for a document with Arial 12 and 1.5 line spacing. After multiple attempts I was able to compile the document but for some reason the main text is appearing italicised-Arial ...
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How can I change the font style of the bibliography? (Arial Narrow 10pt)

I'm new here and I don't know how it really works. I was searching a lot about how to solve my problem but I couldn't find any solution. I'm currently doing my Master's thesis in LaTeX and I don't ...
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Changing fonts and sizes in LaTeX

Somebody would like to use Times New Roman and Arial fonts in their document including a 13pt size version. Can this be done? Here's a nonworking MWE: % wordprob.tex SE 541134 \documentclass[12pt]...
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