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The {arrayjob} pack­age pro­vides ar­ray data struc­tures in (La)TeX, in the mean­ing of the clas­si­cal pro­ce­du­ral pro­gram­ming lan­guages like For­tran, Ada or C, and macros to ma­nip­u­late them.

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How to use math operation in an array index created by the package arrayjob

I want to put each number in the array on a grid using tikz. \documentclass[tikz]{standalone} \usepackage{pgffor} \usepackage{multido} \usetikzlibrary{calc} \usepackage{arrayjob} \newarray\Values \...
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Getting length of arrayjob array

I would like to get the length of an arrajob array, something which the package sadly does not provide. Currently I have to manually adjust a length variable whenever I add or remove elements from an ...
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TikZ: Get colour from an array and use it for drawing

Using the arrayjob package, I am able to extract strings from an array and, for example, get TikZ to print that text: \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \usepackage{arrayjob} \newarray\...
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User friendly array definition macro

I am working on a custom documentclass where there may be one or multiple authors in a document. Normally, one would simply specify \author{} and call some additional macros to set some special values,...
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How to \includepdf with filename from array?

i'm currently writing an application template. For the appendix i need to be able to include some pdf docs. The name of theese docs are store in an array. So i need to be able to includepdf where the ...
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Expanding a command when assigning values to an array

I'll explain what I mean with an example. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{arrayjobx} \newcounter{foo} \setcounter{foo}{0} \renewcommand{\bar}{\addtocounter{foo}{1}Some text} \newarray\baz % ------...
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Counting days and years in personal journal

The code below is taken from this post. Is it possible to create a sequence/array that contains all the different years, and another that contains how many entries per year there are? \documentclass{...
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Implementing a keyword / token / tag system

I want to have a keyword / tag / label / token system for my documents. There will be a hard coded list of allowed keywords and all theorems/examples/exercises will (optionally) be tagged with one of ...
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