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Questions tagged [awk]

{awk} is about questions related to the AWK language and TeX

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2 answers

Automatically remove \ifthenelse

Let's assume that you have a single LaTeX source file that can compile two arts of documents: a main conference paper and its extended long version. Inside, you use \ifthenese to produce the two ...
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2 votes
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Can I Use LaTeX to Convert UK to US Spellings? [closed]

I have written a paper using LaTeX. My supervisor wishes to use US English for our paper to submit to an American journal. However, I'm based in New Zealand and have written the entire paper in LaTeX ...
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10 votes
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drawing the mean in a pgfplot

I would like to add a straight line to a pgfplot that indicates the mean of the data. For a histogram, this should be a vertical line; for a simple plot, a horizontal line. Now, I do get as far as in ...
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5 votes
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Shell script which parses .tex files for figures

I would like to pull all figures including captions out of multiple .tex files and write them into a single new .tex file. This means I have to parse for \begin{figure} . . . \end{figure} and ...
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Extract all emphasized words from latex document

I need to produce a list of all words that are emphasised in my LaTeX document (=which are enclosed by \emph{...}). How can I use awk to process the .tex file and extract all patterns starting with \...
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Some useful AWK scripts for TeX users

Some people like old cars, some like antiques, and I like classical Unix toolbox. Most likely the second (after shell script) scripting language that any old school Unix user learn is AWK. It is an ...