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Questions tagged [axodraw4j]

{axodraw4j} is for questions related to the generation of LaTeX code using the software JaxoDraw.

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2 answers

Inserting a .tex image into my LaTeX document

I'm using a program that exports images in a .tex format and I was wondering if anyone know how I should include this in my main TeX file? \fcolorbox{white}{white}{% \begin{picture}(162,306)(271,-175)...
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3 answers

Feynman Diagram Drawing

So I'm using Jaxodraw to make Feynman Diagrams. The code I exported from Jaxodraw is the following: \documentclass[a4paper]{article} \usepackage{axodraw4j} \usepackage{pstricks} \usepackage{color} \...
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0 answers

Controlling Margins When Using axodraw4j

Summary of my question I cannot set reasonable margins while using the axodrawj4 package. In particular, the text in my document overlaps with my page numbers. Full Question I am using LaTex on Ubuntu ...
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Axodraw drawings and .png images in the same document

I want to be able to put .png images in my document and as well drawings with the package axodraw2. The problem is that to draw a picture and see it in the document I have to compile with LaTeX + ...
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Axodraw Package Manual Installation

I've been trying to export latex documents from jaxodraw. The package required appears to be axodraw4j. I have the Basic MikTeX Installer, 64-bit which I downloaded from here. MikTeX will typically ...
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How can I compile exported code from Jaxodraw?

I recently downloaded Jaxodraw for the purpose of constructing Feynman diagrams. My issue is that whenever I export the code in LaTeX I receive the following error: File `pstricks.sty' not found. \...
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Include eps figure works well with dvips, but horribly with PdfLaTeX

I use JaxoDraw 2.1 to draw Feynman Diagrams as eps files for a document I am working on. In turn, JaxoDraw uses the axodraw4j package. My problem is that when I include the eps figures in a document ...
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