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No .bbl file generated using TexWorks

I'm using TexWorks to write a journal paper with citations. I have the .tex and .bib files and some figure files and use XeLaTeX+MakeIndex+BibTeX to produce the .pdf document. Everything works. The ...
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Is there any way to import a bbl file to BibTeX?

Assume I have a .bbl file like this: \begin{thebibliography}{} \bibitem[\protect\astroncite{Abramowitz \& Stegun}{1965}]{Abrasteg65} Abramowitz, M. \& Stegun, I.~A. (1965). \newblock {\em ...
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Font shape `T1/lato-TLF/b/sc' undefined, Some font shapes were not available, defaults substituted

When I am compiling an overleaf document with \documentclass[num-refs]{wiley-article}, and the packages \WarningFilter{latex}{Text page 8 contains only floats} \usepackage{anyfontsize} \usepackage{...
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Correct usage of \bibliography command in arXiv submission

I know that arXiv does not run BibTeX, and so one needs to submit both the .tex and the .bbl file. I am wondering about the correct way of using \bibliographystyle and \bibliography in the .tex file. ...
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Thesis V3.bbl: 72: Package inputenc Error: Invalid UTF-8 byte sequence

I am writing my thesis and the preamble looks as the following: \documentclass[11pt,a5paper,footinclude=true,headinclude=true]{scrbook} % KOMA-Script book \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[T1]{...
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How to remove the error message in log file of latex

I am using overleaf. I need bbl file to upload the paper in arxiv. I also know that I can get bbl file by clicking the bottom part of the log files in overleaf. I used the Bibtex for reference. But ...
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how generation of .bbl files happen when working with templates downloaded from internet

I use a template available . The code which I am editing is \documentclass{eusflat2019} \title{\bf Paper Title} \author{{\...
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bblsty error - not correct

I'm trying to complie my old thesis. However I get an error. How do I fix it? \documentclass[14pt]{book} \topmargin 2mm \oddsidemargin 10mm \evensidemargin 10mm \textwidth 150mm \textheight 220mm \...
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Use only some entries of a bbl file?

I have a big .bbl file which I cannot easily convert to a .bib. Inside a new .tex file, I would like to use (cite) only few entries of the .bbl file with the help of \cite command and the label (...
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Why is the style file mdpi.bst not working properly in Word (using bibtex4word plugin)?

I'm using the plugin bibtex4word in Word 2013 to insert citations & bibliographies. When I try styles plain, IEEEtran etc., they look exactly as they're described. But when I try a new style file: ...
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