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{beamer} is a document class for creating presentations and slides. For general questions about presentations or slides, independent of the document class, use {presentations} tag instead.

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LaTeX beamer presentation-package 16:9 aspect ratio?

I'm programming a presentation in LaTeX using the beamer class. However, it defaults to 4:3 aspect ratio slides, while everything I use is 16:9. Is there an easy way to change this using a command or ...
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Design a custom Beamer theme from scratch

No matter how hard I search, I cannot find any information on creating a Beamer theme from scratch, as opposed to LEGOing it together from the built-in inner, outer and color themes, maybe modifying ...
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How to scale a tikzpicture including texts?

It seems that the scale option scales only the length of lines, but not the size of texts. For instance, 1 and true and not scaled in the following code. \begin{tikzpicture}[thick, scale=0.6] \draw [...
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Is there a specialized Pdf viewer for Latex-Beamer presentations on Linux?

Most of the time when presenting a talk people connect their laptop to a video projector. So they effectively have an extra screen at their disposal. Because of that many Software options for ...
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Is there a nice way to compile a beamer presentation without the pauses?

Say I made a beamer presentation and I want to print it out. Is there a nice way to make beamer ignore the pauses so that I don't get lots of pages with duplicate information? Of course there are ...
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Embedding videos and animations

I'm aware that it's possible to embed some kinds of videos and animations in LaTeX files (using the beamer or prosper classes) but I couldn't locate good documentation on this. My web searches ...
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Hyperref warning - Token not allowed in a PDF string

When compiling a beamer presentation and using the following \author command \author{Name \\ \texttt{[email protected]}} I get the following hyperref warning in my logfile Package hyperref ...
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201 votes
2 answers

How to get rid of navigation symbols in beamer?

When creating presentations in beamer, those little symbols that you can click on and will take you to different parts of your presentation are automatically included on your slides. I don't like ...
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2 answers

Positioning content at the top of a beamer slide (by default)

When I create beamer frame, the content is centred in the slide. How do I make the content move to the top of the slide by default?
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3 answers

How to get Beamer Math to look like Article Math

In a LaTeX article, the math characters are more "curvy" than the text characters: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \begin{document} $x^2 + y^2 = z^2$ \end{document} In a beamer presentation, the math ...
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158 votes
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How to remove the warnings "Font shape `OT1/cmss/m/n' in size <4> not available" and "Size substitutions with differences" in beamer?

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `OT1/cmss/m/n' in size <4> not available LaTeX Font Warning: Size substitutions with differences I am using the files from
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149 votes
3 answers

Creating two columns in beamer

I have searched the stackexchange for a resolution of this problem, but I am still getting an error message when I put in the following (for now neglecting other things in my document, such as ...
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3 answers

Getting GIF and/or moving images into a LaTeX presentation

I'm very new to presentations in LaTeX (I've been using PowerPoint for years but have finally converted). I am wondering how to get a GIF into a section. If need be, I can convert a GIF into lots of ...
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How can I split a beamer bibliography across two slides?

I have several citations in a beamer-based presentation. Is it possible to split the bibliography across two slides? I'm using natbib / bibtex. And I currently just have: \begin{frame} \tiny \...
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Image on full slide in beamer package

I would like to make a slide of only one image without any borders or any other beamer specific element. I tried : \begin{frame}[plain] \includegraphics[keepaspectratio=true,width=1\paperwidth]{...
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Is there a nice solution to get a "presenter mode" for Latex presentations?

I really like the way Keynote and MS Office (and also OpenOffice & similar) support a presentation mode that displays the current slide, the next (and maybe previous) slide, the elapsed and ...
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130 votes
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How to remove figure caption prefix "figure" in beamer

I am trying to remove the caption prefix, "Figure", for my figures in beamer. I tried doing this but it made no difference. Heres a minimum working example: As you can see, I have included the ...
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How to insert a background image in a beamer frame?

I want to insert a background image in a beamer frame and use this "frame" as a beamer frame. I want to insert different background images on different frames. Towards this end, I tried \...
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How to insert page number in Beamer navigation symbols?

I created a presentation with Beamer, and I used Darmstadt theme. But, this theme doesn't have the page number. I know that I can insert the page number in Footline with: \setbeamertemplate{...
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Progress bar for latex-beamer

Instead of slide numbers, I find it very nice to have something like a unobtrusive progressbar at the bottom which grows each slide about (width of screen)/(slide numbers). I've found here (page in ...
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3 answers

modifying margins for one slide

I need help for modifying the margins for only one slide in the beamer class In other words, I need a local version of \setbeamersize{text margin left=<size>,text margin right=<size>} ...
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3 answers

How to add several authors with different affiliations in beamer?

Is it possible to do this in beamer? Or do I have to use other packages?
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5 answers

Make beamer not look like beamer

I'm going to present my senior thesis in front of our faculty members, by using beamer. But rumour has it that some of them do not like beamer very much. So I decided to make my slides not look like ...
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Positioning logo in the front page as well as slides

Question 1: I am creating a slide template for a presentation in LaTex using Beamer package. I found the placement of logo in the slide is not that easy. Instead of placing the logo in the same ...
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PowerPoint's "Smart Art" for TikZ?

This question led to a new package: smartdiagram I haven't been using PowerPoint for years, but today I immediately fell in love with its "Smart Art" feature (2010 version of PowerPoint). The idea ...
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Changing font size of selected slides in beamer

I am preparing a presentation and I have some slides with up to 15 equations. How can I make the font size of these slides smaller? I need to change the font size to 6.
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Personal notes when preparing a talk with LaTeX-beamer class

Suppose I prepare a talk using the beamer class. To each slide I want to add personal notes (detailing what I exactly want to say, frequently asked questions etc.). So is there a smart way to write ...
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Why should I use LaTeX for presentations?

I've read that LaTeX can be used also for presentations, using specific packages to make slides in PDF. But I'm wondering: since LaTeX is a typographic language made to separate content from style, ...
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Beautiful presentations done with TeX and related systems

I recently had to persuade a fellow student that you can create beautiful presentations with LaTeX and beamer. Luckily, I already had some examples. But I'm sure that there are better presentations, ...
98 votes
4 answers

Don't count backup slides

I prepare some backup slides at the end of my presentation. I don't want them to be counted in terms of pages, which is displayed at the footer of each slide. Does anyone know how to do that?
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Does enumitem conflict with beamer for lists?

I am using the enumitem package in a beamer presentation. When I added a usepackage directive for it, the bullets in front of itemize lists disappeared. I tried restoring them by using \...
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3 answers

Change the background color of a frame in Beamer

How can I change the background color of one frame in my Beamer document? I tried doing \begin{frame} \setbeamercolor{background canvas}{bg=violet} % frame contents here \end{frame} but it ...
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92 votes
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Beamer: \nonumber equivalent for slides?

Is there an equivalent command to \nonumber when one doesn't want to include certain slides in the numbering? I would like to leave outline and title slides out of my numbering, and instead just ...
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Animation in PDF presentations, without Adobe Reader?

I sometimes have to present on other people's equipment, such as machines running stripped down Linux distributions, presentation servers with a bare-bones PDF viewer running in a virtual machine, or ...
89 votes
3 answers

How can I position an image in an arbitrary position in beamer?

I am making a presentation using beamer, and I want to be able to position a certain image the way I want in a frame. I am not sure how to do that. Is there some way you can specify coordinates in the ...
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89 votes
2 answers

How do I get numbered entries in a beamer bibliography

Instead of the default icons or the text option, I would like to have numbered entries in my bibliography. I added the line: \setbeamertemplate{bibliography item}{} to get rid of the icons, but can'...
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2 answers

Beamer Presentation: Figure has no number?

I am giving a presentation and therefore I am using the beamer class. I have included some figures and it works, but there is no number after "Figure". My code: \documentclass{beamer} \usepackage{...
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Creating sections each with title pages in beamers slides

I'm writing up my dissertation defense slides. I would like to have a title page for each of three chapters. Specifically, I want to be able to replicate the box that the dissertation title is in for ...
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85 votes
6 answers

Which package to use for presentations? Beamer, Prosper, or Other

I have to prepare my slides in latex. A quick search came up with different packages. Before start preparing, I need your experiences. I do not want to regret after learning one as I did, learning vim ...
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2 answers

"Single ampersand used with wrong catcode" error using tikz matrix in beamer

I am having trouble getting a basic example of a matrix of notes to show up in my beamer presentation. I am using the code copied from the pgf manual. Here is a complete working example. The error I ...
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84 votes
8 answers

Where to find custom beamer themes

I don't like default beamer themes very much. Where could I find some custom beamer themes?
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9 answers

How do I align an image to center?

How do I align an image to center? In a beamer presentation I have a 2-3 items on a slide followed by an image. The image is not wide enough to cover whole slide, so it leaves around 30% space from ...
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2 answers

Mindmap tikzpicture in beamer (reveal step by step)

I want to include a tikzpicture (mindmap) in beamer and I want the children to appear one after the other. So I use \visible but it don't works -- also not with \pause command. I get errors regarding ...
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3 answers

Nice custom beamer theme: how to do something like it?

So I found this totally awesome looking presentation that's made in LaTeX: I love how there is custom header ...
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79 votes
6 answers

Avoiding jumping frames in beamer

Sometimes I want an element on a frame to change in steps. I do this by \only<2>{ ... } \only<3>{ ... } etc. But this causes the frame to jump due to different sizes of the ...
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79 votes
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Beamer: Creating a slide with short, centered, prominent text

Between the introductory slides and the meat of my presentation done in Beamer, I would like to add one slide with the text: "Coming up: Our Work". Or some such. This is the only text on this slide, ...
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bibliography in Beamer

In Beamer, bibliography is displayed in the way that authors, title and journals are in three lines. Here is an example. Since I have many references, I am wondering, whether we can put them in one ...
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Beamer Bibliography Icon

I want to list my references in a beamer presentation using thebibliography environment, with the nice little book icon (\beamertemplatebookbibitems) and article icon (\...
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2 answers

logo in the first page only

I want to insert the logo in the title page only. However, it displays on all pages! How can I make these two figurs display as logo in the title page only? I type in the preamble: \logo{% \...
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How to make beamer overlays with Tikz node

I have a diagram of 4 nodes in my beamer slide. \begin{figure}[h] \begin{centering} \begin{tikzpicture}[system/.style={draw,rectangle,rounded corners=3,minimum width=2cm,text width=1.8cm,text ...
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