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{berry} is about the Berry naming scheme for fonts, which is used to uniquely identify fonts on file systems with 8 character file names.

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2 answers

Berry naming scheme list of LaTeX font families

Could you provide me with a list of Berry names for LaTeX font families? I am currently working on a paper comparing various LaTeX fonts, particularly their support of extended Latin and it took some ...
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Quickest way to search for valid \fontfamily arguments?

Say I have a command like \newcommand{\fntpal}[1]{{\fontfamily{ppl}\selectfont#1}} used for changing the font of specific chunks of text to Palatino and I also want something similar for other ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Is there a list available for all TeX fonts? [duplicate]

I was reading trough the answer to Using a font for selected text. In the answer, the code makes use of the \fontfamilycommand. This command takes one argument: the shorthand name of a font. E.g. in ...
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How to find the name of a font? [duplicate]

I am using PDFLaTeX, not XeLaTeX. How can I find the short name of a specific font? For example, I know that \fontfamily{phv}\selectfont is URW Nimbus Sans (a Helvetica clone).
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