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{berry} is about the Berry naming scheme for fonts, which is used to uniquely identify fonts on file systems with 8 character file names.

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Berry naming scheme list of LaTeX font families

Could you provide me with a list of Berry names for LaTeX font families? I am currently working on a paper comparing various LaTeX fonts, particularly their support of extended Latin and it took some ...
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Quickest way to search for valid \fontfamily arguments?

Say I have a command like \newcommand{\fntpal}[1]{{\fontfamily{ppl}\selectfont#1}} used for changing the font of specific chunks of text to Palatino and I also want something similar for other ...
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Is there a list available for all TeX fonts? [duplicate]

I was reading trough the answer to Using a font for selected text. In the answer, the code makes use of the \fontfamilycommand. This command takes one argument: the shorthand name of a font. E.g. in ...
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How to find the name of a font? [duplicate]

I am using PDFLaTeX, not XeLaTeX. How can I find the short name of a specific font? For example, I know that \fontfamily{phv}\selectfont is URW Nimbus Sans (a Helvetica clone).
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fontinst and italic small caps

I have a font that is distributed with italic small caps. I'd like to use these with fontinst. Does the current release of fontinst support italic small caps, and if so, what Karl Berry name should I ...
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4 votes
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Fontfamily names [duplicate]

Where can I find the \fontfamily names corresponding to the fonts I know? I use beamer. Occasionally I want to use a particular font for the titles. I might use \setbeamerfont{title}{family=\...
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