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Questions tagged [better-bibtex]

Better BibTex is an extension for Zotero and Juris-M. While Zotero manages bibliographic data, Better BibTex creates user-defined citation keys before exporting into .bib extracts.

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< > characters in DOI causing formatting issues

When using a DOI which contains unusual characters (<, >, etc), which would need to be input into latex in math mode to be properly formatted. The issue is that doing that within the .bib file ...
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How to keep hyphen in BibTex key title?

I recently installed Better BibTeX for Zotero in my zotero (ver. 6.0.27) on Windows 10 PC. Before installing it, the citation key was like author_title_year where title included a hyphen. For ...
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Export library as Biblatex and not Bibtex with Zotero

When I mark an entry as a "Web page" in Zotero, it is automatically exported as "@misc" in my .bib file, which is causing me problems to correctly show urls in my latex document. I ...
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Error because of name prefixes with bibentry and Zotero export (noopsort)

I've an issue for which I've identified where it comes from but can't find the code to solve it. I'm managing my bibliography using Zotero automatic export system. In order to have names with prefixes ...
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Regarding BibTex

I am using this BibTex code in beamer for the list of references, in the last. But the references List is showing without serial numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc. I need the serial number too. What should I ...
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Zotero/Betterbibtex: Isnt there any easy way to copy the info you need for the .bib file?

So im using overleaf and im trying to get Zotero to work with that. I installed the betterbibtex add-on and im trying to get this kind of code @book{Strategie2030Vermogen2005, title = {{Strategie ...
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Where can the symbol \lessequivlnt be found?

I'm using Zotero with Better BibTeX to manage a bibliography. The latter, I believe, translates the symbol ≲ into \lessequivlnt, which throws an Undefined Symbol error upon compilation. I don't see ...
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