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biblatex-ext-tabular with authoryear key

I have been asked to produce a tabular bibliography similar to the following example: This should in theory be possible using biblatex-ext-tabular, so I am trying to adapt the MWE in its ...'s user avatar
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biblatex-ext-oa fails for retrieving information about open-access-status

Consider this MWE \documentclass{scrartcl} \begin{filecontents*}[overwrite]{testbib.bib} @Article{wilkinson_fair_2016, Author = {Wilkinson, Mark D. and others}, Title = {The {...
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7 votes
1 answer

How can I have an asterisk to an author’s name in the bibliography but not in the text?

For some publication entries it is important to pass along the information of "shared last authorship" and/or "equal contribution". I can get this using author+an and a ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to colour citation brackets?

I am writing my thesis, and my university provides a neat template that I am currently using. Among the customised options the template has, there is also a specific color that is used for titles, ...
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How can I get the open-access-symbol for manually open-access declared publications with biblatex-ext-oa?

Following the example shown at I extended it with another publication (Bossert:788839). This article is not found by the unpaywall API (I do not expect ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Detect last row in biblatex-ext-tabular / formatting rules

I am using biblatex-ext and longtable for typesetting a bib-based references table. For a better overview, I want to seperate the individual rows with rules and print a bold rule at the bottom as well....
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Biblatex-ext: ext-authoryear-comp conflict with \textcite shorthand intro?

I'm trying to have shorthands introduced at first \cite, \parencite, etc., and \textcite, but then simply use for all further citations. For \parencite etc I follow moewe's solution from Custom ...
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1 vote
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Combine two separate biblatex-fields in biblatex-ext

I would like to connect the year and pages of an incollection-item so that in the bibliography they are displayed as a unit. In a different case (journal + page-number in an article-item) I wrote a ...
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