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Citeauthor affecting sorting of reference list

I use the \citeauthor command to name-call someone (C. Cuthor), say because they gave the name to some theory or model. After calling the name, I want to cite the works of someone else (A. Author and ...
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Bold cite keys in biblatex

I am currently using biblatex (biber backend) with style=phys. In my bibliography, I have a few "highlighted publications" that I am setting in bold, using \DeclareBibliographyCategory{...
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Customization of the numeric-comp style in biblatex

As explained in my previous question, I want to highlight certain references when they are cited in the main text, e.g., [A2] instead of [2]. As I learned from Alan Munn's answer to my previous ...
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DOI in biblatex's AIP citation style - just the number?

I use \usepackage[style=phys,doi=true,eprint=true,biblabel=brackets]{biblatex} to implement the AIP citation style with minor changes (showing DOI, using brackets instead of superscript, show arXiv by ...
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ArXiv number using Biblatex-phys

I am using Citavi to organise my sources. One of them is identified by ArXiv, which I want to include in the citation - just as one includes the DOI. Unfortunately, Citavi doesn't export the ArXiv ...
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PRB style bibliography with biblatex and DOI to .bib generator

I am preparing an article for submission in PRB but the bibliography I have generated is not following the requirements of PRB, although I have used there template
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Starting reference counter at =!1 does not work for multiple citations when using phys style

I am using the solution given in the answer here to start my reference counter at 0 instead of 1. However when using the phys style I end up with the following problem: This code: \documentclass{...
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Print DOI when there is no page number with biblatex-phys

I'm using BibLaTeX with the phys style for my bibliography. The biblatex-phys documentation states: Note that DOI values are printed for journal articles with no pages given, even if the doi ...
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How to display addendum field in biblatex-phys

Recentely I have decided to use biblatex to auto-generate my bibliography. For my needs, I have selected the biblatex-phys style file. I did make some small modifications in standard.bbx, however I ...
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Where are the biblatex files located / biblatex macros defined on a win 7 /miktex system?

I have to adapt the bibliography layout to comply with the IRC template: References should be done using JRR house-style format: For journals - Authors’ names in caps, year in bracket, title, ...
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Biblatex changes capitalisation of titles

I'm using the Biblatex package with the biblatex-phys citation style, and they are changing the titles of some random entries in my bibliography to lowercase. I can't seem to determine how they decide ...
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