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How do I run a template Beamer in overleaf?

I have a presentation and I want to work with the template given in the following link, but I don't know how to compile it in overleaf. Can you please help ...
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0 answers

Very slow compilation when biolinum, tcolorbox's listings library, and multiple listings' dialects involved

The compilation of the following MCE is very slow: about 14 second on my “normal” computer. (Of course, my real use case does load different dialects, not the same one several times.) \documentclass{...
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1 answer

Some Biolinum KeyCap missing as soon as `luatexja-fontspec` is loaded

The following MCE compiles like a charm and provides nice keyboard keys. But as soon as luatexja-fontspec is loaded, some characters are missing (here ⌥). \documentclass{article} % \usepackage{...
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3 answers

Linux Biolinum Keyboard missing euro currency symbol

Some keyboards provide a key with the € currency symbol (U+20AC), but the Linux Biolinum Keyboard font is missing it, though: it does provide some currency symbols, Linux Libertine does provide this ...
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