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{bleed} is about questions regarding the output of documents for professional printing which contain a small amount of space at each edge of the paper which will be trimmed after printing. This additional space is to account for natural movement of the paper during guillotining, and design inconsistencies.

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What do I need to do to be compatible with Amazon Direct Publishing bleed?

I'm using the book class and the geometry package with the settings: 'paperwidth=15cm','paperheight=20cm','inner=2cm','outer=3cm','top=2.2cm', and 'bottom=3.7cm'. I ...
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Titlepage bleed in KOMA-Script with Crop

My document is using the KOMA-Script scrartcl class. I wish to add a bleed around every page for printing using the crop package. I'm also using geometry for the titlepage only (as my institution ...
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Remove far left bleed on geometry and TikZ (overlay)

I am getting some sort of undesirable left bleed despite my attempts to eradicate it when I try to use geometry together with TikZ: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \pagestyle{empty} \...
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Crop package, want three outside edges to have bleed

I have formatted a document for printing, and the printer is saying that I need a bleed of 0.125' on the outside three edges. I am printing a booklet (using `booklet'), so the outside edges look like: ...
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Image sized to pagelayout dimensions not page size

Hoping someone can provide a reasonable solution to my issue using tikz package and crop package together. Cant seem to find anything that seems to assist with my issue In my document, I have images ...
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ConTeXt: Show PDF Boxes

Background Printed pages have crop, bleed, trim, and other regions. Settings for these regions were added to ConTeXt a while ago (see the PDF Boxes wiki page). In ConTeXt, there does not appear to be ...
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crop marks don't show up on pages with included pdf on full page

I added some crop marks using the crop package. They show up on every page, except on these with full-page pdf included (with width set to A4+bleed). On those pages they are behind the pdf. Is there ...
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Tikz & Geometry package (elimination of space)

I use geometry package for preparing a book with bleeds. This book would contain a simple graphics done by tikz. Firstly, a space above my tikz picture has been observed (in overlay mode), although ...
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Setting specific values for page size and margins in Koma Script

I am using a two-sided, a5 paper scrbook for a document where I need to meet very concrete specifications, i.e. the page size needs to have a bleed margin of 3mm, so the size would be totalling 154mm ...
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How to get correct PDF boxes (especially regarding bleeding and the TrimBox) in ConTeXt

I am currently typesetting a book in ConTeXt and have been wondering how to get correct PDF Boxes when creating a PDF/X file for printing. According to a page on Context Garden this should be possible ...
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Why does \pdfpageattr not center its boxes?

Some printer services dictate to add a 3mm bleeding margin around the document in order to achieve marginless printing. I tried to use the pdfpageattr command to achieve that for my A4 document: \...
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Position a TikZ background pattern which is oversize (to bleed off the edge of the paper)

Thanks to several helpful people in an earlier question ("Create a TikZ overlay with RH mirror of LH") I managed to get my pattern background where it was needed. Now circumstances have changed, and ...
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