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bpchem provides support for typesetting simple chemical formulae, long IUPAC compound names, and some chemical idioms. It also supports the labelling of compounds and reference to labelled compounds.

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How to make bpchem/auto-pst-pdf work with hyperref? [closed]

I'm using the bpchem package along with the auto-pst-pdf package to do molecules numbering in .eps chemdraw files (as well as in the bulk document) and I noticed that it does not work when the ...
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Process one .tex file before the others (chemscheme)

I am using Chemscheme to track my compound numbers (I have a different .tex file for each chapter). The numbers need to be generated sequentially for the chemistry chapter (chapter 3) of my thesis but ...
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Chemstyle: redefining schemeref to handle autodeclaration of compounds

This is a follow-up question to Numbering of compounds in the order it appears in the schemes (bpchem or similar) I had the same problem of the author of the previous question and I tried the ...
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Numbering chemical intermediate compounds with chemstyle

I´m currently writing my bachelor thesis in chemistry and chose to number my compounds with chemstyle. And except of one little issue that works just fine: Is it possible to number intermediate ...
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BPChem's \IUPAC conflicting with hyperref

I can't compile when attempting to use \IUPAC inside a heading; outside a heading works fine. Minimal working example: uncomment \section to see the error. \documentclass[a4paper, 11pt, titlepage]{...
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11pt option messes up figure put in with bpchem in articleclass nih

I am working on a proposal for a class. I am using the documentclass nih. I put in figures of chemical structures using bpchem (see example). When I just use \documentclass{nih}, everything works fine,...
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Use BPchem Numbering As Labels in a PGFPlot

So, I yanked this example right from the manual on pgfplots, because this looks highly complex. The graph is exactly what I want to have, except instead of the custom labels it provided, I want to be ...
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