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about the braket package, composed of angle brackets and vertical bars, for formatting the Dirac notation to describe quantum states.

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How to do a set of kets in LaTeX?

I would like to define a set of kets, in a way that the brackets that define the set scale with the content inside. I don't know how to do it, because I usually use the \Set command, but this gives an ...
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How to insert equal height brackets on both sides while wrapping a new line?

I'd like to input a long equation, so I had to cut it into two lines. But, there's a couple of {} at the start of the first line of the equation and the end of the second line of the equation, and the ...
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Bra-ket notation. What's the best way to do it?

Since the {physics} package is already out dated quite heavily (and has errors and isn't really compatible with {siunitx} anymore etc.), I wanted to ask, what is the best package for braket notation ...
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Document hangs when compiling when loading breqn (even without using it)

The following document hangs when compiling, seems like I can't load breqn, bracket and cryptocode (or is it tikz?) together… It compiles fine when I unload \usepackage{breqn} but I would like to use ...
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Trying to write vectorised dirac symbols in overleaf

Trying to write a vectorised symbol in overleaf that should look like |a>> in dirac notation, but not at all sure how to get either the individual > dirac symbol or do two automatically. ...
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How to render a "double" ket

I am hoping to render something similar to a ket (from the braket package), but where each line is 'doubled'. For example, something similar to this: I would like it to... stretch vertically to ...
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Large vertical lines in braket notation are too thick when using Asana Math

For creating braket notation within my formulas, I tried using the following two approaches: (Braket package)
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Bra-ket notation typefaces

I have been using the braket package for using the dirac bra-ket notation. I came across many old books, e.g. Dirac's Principles of quantum mechanics, which contain a different font or typeface for ...
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Bra Ket notation using only basic packages

I am setting questions onto my university's version of Moodle. This accepts LaTeX commands so I can write most maths into a question, however I can only use the preinstalled packages which does not ...
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Modify braket package to control the space between text and brackets

Significant EDIT: Stimulated by the comments of the users egreg and schtandard, I found a solution to my original problem. Now, the problem has slightly changed, but it is still about the control ...
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Prevent brakets from resizing

I am using the physics package for braket (Dirac) notation. However, some expressions (such as the braket on the right) automatically rescale in the presence of, say, an operator (such as f hat), ...
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Automatically Sized bra/ket in Quantum Physics

I got to know that \left and \right allow us to automatically adjust the sizes of brackets. I'm currently working on some documents of Quantum Physics with so-called Dirac notations of bra and ket, ...
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How to add large braket like in picture?

How can I make brackets like this in this picture: \documentclass[tikz,border=3.14mm]{standalone} \begin{equation} \label{eq:1} P(k)= (\sum_{min}^{max}\frac{{K \choose k}{N-K \choose n-k}} {{N \...
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displaybreaks and braket package

I'm trying to allow a long formula consisting of a large set definition to break among more lines. I want to define the set using the braket package that is very handy to typeset sets. Specifically I'...
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arrow pointing at braket

I am trying to put an arrow under the first part of a braket. The equation I use is the \braket{a}{b}. I have managed to put an arrow under the braket using a \coeff{}{} code suggested on a previous ...
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physics and braket packages with different \braket commands

I am using the \usepackage{physics} package and want to write something using bra-ket notation but with a double bar in the middle (physicist's notation in Quantum Chemistry). It can be written as \...
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How to modify appearance of some equations

I am trying to make several codes for physics, but I think in the first equation is too small compared another equation. I need your advice for another code. \begin{gather*} \bra{\psi_m}\times\...
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How does one typeset stacked lines inside Dirac bra-ket: see image

How does one typset this?: I am trying to use this code: \[ \left\langle \begin{array}{ccc} electron \thickspace at \thickspace x \\ photon \thickspace at \thickspace D_1 \end{array} \right\vert ...
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Modify braket package for different brackets forms

I really don't know how to properly modify codes. Still, my problem is that I would like to know how to modify the following code from the package braket (in the link the whole .sty file, which is ...
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Braket size problem

I have a braket term in an equation. The bra size is bigger than the ket size due to a primed item in the bra part. I know that \big function can make ket size bigger and it can match the height but i ...
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The Bra-Ket Notation in LaTeX

I want to write the following symbol in LaTeX: I'm using the following (minimal) code: \documentclass[12pt,twoside]{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{...
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Gap between ket and bra by using the braket-package

I'm using the braket-package for using the braket notation. It works fine, but I've got some problems by using the package for writing a tensor product. There is always a big gap between the ket and ...
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Braket notation in LaTeX

I am using the braket package to generate bra and ket vectors. However, I could not figure out how to do <0|0> using the package. Is there a command for this?
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Automatic brace sizes with braket and mathtools

The packages braket and mathtools provide two different command to typeset set with dynamically sized braces. For example with braket: \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{braket} \begin{document} ...
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How to make tipa compatible with braket?

The following minimal working example generates an error if you remove the per cent sign. \documentclass{amsart} %\usepackage{tipa} \usepackage{braket} \begin{document} \[ \Set{x|y} \] \end{document} ...
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Why different bra ket notations?

Why are bra and ket defined in the official package braket.sty in two different ways (\bra, \Bra and \ket, \Ket)? I do not understand why there exists the command \bra with non-scalable delimiters. ...
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