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20 votes
2 answers

How can I keep a clean document folder with custom .cls, .sty, .bst files in a separate subfolder?

I am using a Makefile for generating a document from its tex source. The whole project consisting of own input files (.tex, .bib, .eps, ...) and non-pre-installed static input files (.cls, .sty, .bst) ...
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3 answers

Specify -output-directory when using latexmk

I am using latexmk for the automatic resolution of needed reruns. I would like to put all build files (aux, log, bbl, pdf, etc.) in a subdirectory. I cannot find an option for latexmk to do this. If ...
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10 votes
1 answer

How to use kile with feynmf or feynmp?

Does somebody know how to teach kile to automatically do the additional steps for compiling Latex documents that contain Feynman diagrams produced with feynmf or feynmp? For what I know I have to ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How to use latekmk with feynmf/feynmp?

Background The latexmk tool can be used to automatically process your LaTeX files enough times to generate the output. As discussed here and here, latexmk now supports setting out_dir which passes ...
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How to archive a TeX-project by gathering e.g. all figures and used packages

Consider following situation: After being done with your TeX-project all included .tex-files are more or less in one subfolder next to your main .tex-file. But all figures used are spread all over ...
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10 votes
2 answers

About web2c, c code conversion

I'd like to convert some Tex-and-friends code to C, so that I can play with modifying it. As I understand it, the process is: (1) The tangle utility converts foo.web to a foo.p (Pascal) file, and ...
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How to upload LaTeX manuscript, tables, figures, and auxiliary files to Elsevier's EES?

Can someone who has successfully submitted a LaTeX-based paper to the Elsevier Editorial System please describe the detailed steps needed, so that the paper builds correctly on EES, and can be ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Patched version of pdftex does not see what kpsewhich sees

I have TeX Live version 2013.30973-7 running on ArchLinux. I want to use a patched version of pdftex to create valid PDF/A-1b documents. I have an issue using the patched version after compilation. ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Restructure classic thesis project with subfolders using Kile

I would like to change the folder structure of the ClassicThesis project. My current folder setup looks like this. |-- bib // Some *.bib files. |-- bst // Some *.bst files. |-- cfg // Configuration ...
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Unable to build .sty files with MikTeX

I need to build the .sty of different packages to be loaded in my input file (I have to do things manually). I am working on Windows and get a very strange behaviour: latex.exe seems to be missing the ...
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2 answers

Compiler-style output for latex errors

I am a programmer who is used to using command line tools to compile source code. One of the must-have features of these compilers is the ability to tell programmers where their errors are so they ...
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How do I set document options at compile time? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Conditional Compiling and \documentclass Passing parameters to a document Changing LaTeX headers via a makefile I'm setting up a Rakefile for a LaTeX document and I'd like ...
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