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What are the best practices to avoid build breaking due to updating packages in LaTeX?

During the last month I had two occasions of build-breaking due to upgrade of some LaTeX packages. The first one was grffile.sty and then today xpatchcmd (no idea which library defined it before, but ...
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LaTeX build system similar to CMake

Suppose I have a LaTeX repo, which contains main file and lots of image files, also in LaTeX format (with tikz inside). I would like to achieve multiple goals: Separate compilation. All images can be ...
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Sublime text 3 (Latextools) wont show PDF

Been a while since I used Latex so I decided to give ST3 a try since it has become my favorite text editor. I installed the Latextools but upon building it won't show my PDF. The build is fine as I ...
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Automatically extracting files from archive before compilation

I've got a LaTeX project in a Git repository which is being worked on using both TeX Live (Linux) and MiKTeX (Windows). The project has a very large number of \includegraphics[...]{...} statements for ...
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Building latex project in VS Code through command line

I would like to build a latex project from the command line on a build server. We write the most latex documents in Visual Studio Code with the LaTeX Workshop extension by James Yu. I have managed to ...
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How to force latexrun to parallel build?

I have a series of independent documents belonging to the same thing, each having its own main tex file. I wrote a small Makefile to wrap latexrun. latexrun is fantastic, but if I try to build all the ...
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How do change the output directory of `htlatex`

Every time I execute the htlatex command in TeXsudio (htlatex %.tex) I get a lot of files in my main folder. I would prefer that the target files (html, css, png, etc.) to a folder called html and all ...
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Build a copy of the .pdf to a different folder, with directory based on directory of .tex file

I'm trying to change the default compiler to store a copy of the .pdf in a different folder, with the path based off of the directory of the .tex file. I am making slides for a class, and for a ...
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Multiple project in one repository and automatic build on jenkins for LateX

I'm a beginner in LaTeX. For my company, I must prepare some documents and reports that will be built on Jenkins. I have one repository. How to manage different styles and config files in one folder ...
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How to build a PDF using xelatex.exe from command line (Windows)?

I am trying to build a .pdf from a .tex file using xelatex.exe and it does not work. I tried something like this: xelatex.exe -enable-installer file.tex And this gives some errors: Sorry, but ...
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Would it be technically possible to externalize `\include`d chapters

TikZ saves figures as separate PDFs to reuse and embed. Would it be technically possible, for \include, to do something similar for the included content? I know I can already include PDFs (I never ...
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