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Buttons in animation package

I want to use the following buttons in latex. I try to the instructions in this site. But it gives empty results as follows:
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Set height of go to button in beamer class

I can set width of go to button in beamer presentation with the following code. How can I set height of go to button? \documentclass{beamer} \begin{document} \begin{frame} \frametitle{Sample} \begin{...
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Button with hidden information in the pdf

I found the following lecture notes. If you download the pdf in your computer, in page 16 there is a button with a hidden hint to an exercise. I would like to know how to create this in tex. Could ...
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Size of Beamer Button

How can I manually set the size of each beamer button? If I have two or more buttons on the same slide I would like that these buttons have the same size. So even if the number of letters in each ...
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Button to show and hyperref hidden page [closed]

As the title says I want to create a button which triggers hyperlink to a page but also shows a hidden layer. I found many Ocgx2 soutions to hide/show layers from @alexG, but I couldn't find a ...
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Place beamergotobutton next to title

I'd like to place beamergotobutton in the head of beamer slides, next the to the title. If I just put them inside the title, then this changes the format of the buttons. Any other way of doing this? ...
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Document with bright and dark modes that the user can switch between

I would like to have an option to switch to "dark mode" in my pdf, say, using a button in the document. Using the xcolor and pagecolor packages, I can change the background color and/or text ...
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How to create a fancy video play button with tikz? [duplicate]

I'm writing a document for my students on latex and i want to design a fancy "play video" button with tikz or any other method to tell them that there is a video which explains more the idea....
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Toggle button (and functionality) to change between light and dark mode of pdf

I would like to have both light and dark mode style in the same pdf. The light mode would be used when the reader wants to print the document while the dark mode will be used for reading the document ...
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Why are the contents inside the beamerbuttons raised from the baseline asymmetrically?

In these lockdown days, I am creating my entire lecture note in beamer and I use the beamerbutton for cross-reference purpose mainly. As a result, I have to place it in the middle of a line. The ...
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TikZ: create a button to show something or not

In some cases I create some (plenty of) buttons of the kind \def\myshow{1}% 1 'yes', '0' no and then \ifnum\myshow=1 .... \fi But I had to hear, this is not so correct. So: What is the correct ...
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Button in the bottom of all pages to return back to table of content

As the title said, I want to obtain Somthing like this, a button that send me back to the toc :
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How to put wolfram notebook to pdf? [duplicate]

I am reading a book, written in Latex, and I saw a button, on which I can click and immediately I have a Wolfram notebook opened: I want to do such cool buttons too, can anyone tell me, how to add it?
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Placing beamer buttons - automatic placement?

I have for a long time been using a code to place beamer buttons on a slide that is very inefficient as it requires me to specify exactly the position of each button. Below a MWE of the code I am ...
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Change button meaning in texmaker

I am using texmaker on a macbook. It would be very convenient for me if the '$' sign had a single press button. Is there a way to set texmaker to output '$' if I press '§'? I cannot not go further ...
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What is pdflatex -shell-escape file?

Tex Live 2018 Windows. I was told this is part of creating image files from latex instead of PDF files. What is what is pdflatex -shell-escape file? Where is it? How do I access it?
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eforms: Why are "nlc=," in front of the button?

\usepackage[unicode]{hyperref} \usepackage[pdftex]{eforms} \begin{document} \begin{Form} \pushButton[onclick={this.submitForm({cURL: "mailto:test <tes[email protected]>", }), this.exportAsText();}, ...
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Character within a rounded textbox

this will be my first question here so sorry for asking such a noob question. How do you render the image(python text inside a rounded corner textbox) below using pure LaTeX?
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Tikz & OCG: make button cycling through different layers

I would like to have an OCG button which, when pressed, cycles through a set of OCG layers. I've tried using self-referencing OCG buttons, where each toggled the other (I tried with and without ...
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Pass value to command / Create custom buttoms with media9

I am quite a newby when it comes to defining custom methods/macros in LaTeX. My MWE looks like that: \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article} \newcounter{myCounter} \setcounter{myCounter}{1} \...
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TeXstudio shortcuts custom buttons

I would like to know how to set up buttons for math commands (such as fraction, square root, subscript and superscript, etc.) in Texstudio. I attach a screenshot of my Texstudio below. I selected ...
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How to add an image tooltip annotation in hidden mode using the LaTeX pdfcomment module?

Using the pdfcomment package to create an interactive tooltip when hovering over an image can be created with: \usepackage{pdfcomment} \pdftooltip{\includegraphics{img.png}}{This is the ALT text} ...
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Appendix and beamerbutton [duplicate]

I'm making a presentation using the beamer, and some slides contains some details which can be shown using a click-on button to a slide which will be in the appendix. I want this slide to be shown ...
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Different colors for beamergotobutton and beamerreturnbutton?

In This thread, @luigi_tiburzi shows how to change the color of a beamer button, i.e., \setbeamercolor{button}{fg=black,bg=red} Unfortunately it changes both the goto and return buttons I tried the ...
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