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Questions tagged [calligra]

{calligra} A calligraphic font in the handwriting style of the author, Peter Vanroose. The font is supplied as METAFONT source. LaTeX support of the font is provided in the calligra package in the fundus bundle.

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Reproduction of a paper for the state exam in Italy

I apologize so much to you for not even having the time to go to the bathroom but I ask you a humble courtesy. This is also the reason why I am more or less absent from TeX.SE :(. During the afternoon ...
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Including calligra Package Prevents Tex file from compiling

I've been trying to use Manim and one of the packages it uses to compile LaTex formulas is calligra. I had no issue installing the other packages Manim required for LaTex, but the compiler still says, ...
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Missing letters in calligra font

I'd like to use calligra font for a cite, but two letters are missing from the package: ő and ű. The code: \documentclass[xetex]{beamer} \usepackage{calligra} \usepackage[magyar]{babel} \usetheme{...
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Automatically apply a kern rule for all characters that follow a specific character

I am writing some text using the \calligra font and there are some specific instances where I want to manually reduce the kerning between letters. See the MWE below. I have reduced the kerning ...
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How to change Chapter font

Is there a different way than in How to change the font for chapter title with titlesec and titling under XeTeX? to change chapter font, one that uses a T1 font. I am starting from this code : \...
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Problem with Calligra, font not found [duplicate]

When is use this code \documentclass{amsart} \usepackage{calligra,lipsum} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \DeclareRobustCommand{\normalfont}{\calligra} \AtBeginDocument{\normalfont} \title{A title} \...
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How to define the "ß" character for Calligra font

I'm trying to write some text in german and spanish using babel and the font calligra. I have found out that when it comes to the "ß" character, the outputs is actually "e" (see words in red). Is ...
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calligra error finding callig15 redux

This question has been asked before, in particular inthis thread which for some completely inexplicable reason was closed because it was unlikely to be of help to future readers. An answer would ...
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