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Questions tagged [chapter-page]

{chapter-page} highlights that you want to vary the way the page, starting a new chapter, looks like.

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Easiest way to add drop shadow to Chapter Names in LyX?

I'm using LyX. I'm hoping to do a small thin drop-shadow on the chapter titles. I can change the colors and fonts, but the only package I can find that does drop shadows is the shadowtext package. I'...
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How to adjust vertical placement of figure before chapter, chapter heading and section heading in scrbook?

I am trying to create equal vertical spacing in a figure placed at top of page before chapter heading, chapter heading and section heading in scrbook. I tried using the inbuilt koma commands but it is ...
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Seek for help of a particular chapter design

Can anyone help me realize the chapter design shown in the figure? Thank you I am trying to use usepackage titlesec, but I have trouble mimicking the style in the figure. The following is my code. Can ...
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Create particular chapter titleformat style with tikz

Hi, i'd like to reproduce this particular chapter title format. I'm a newbie to latex and i don't know very well how to use tikz (i saw some post in the forum using it), so i dont have a code to show ...
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chapter cover page that spans two pages

I am writing up my PhD thesis and I'd like to make a two-page cover page for each chapter, similar to what was done in this question, but I can't get their example to work. (I am using the report ...
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How make the footer under the pages of the new chapters?

Here's my current code: \documentclass[11pt]{book} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amsthm} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{bm} \usepackage{color} \usepackage{CJK} \usepackage{...
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Error changing title format [closed]

I'm trying to use the format of chapter title like this I used this code: \newlength\chapnumb \setlength\chapnumb{4cm} \newcommand{\chaptertitlefont}{\normalfont\sffamily\Huge} \titleformat{\...
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Chapter map with latex

I want to write the following map of chapters in my thesis. But how can I write down such a diagram in latex ? Thank you in advance. I entered this code, but I cannot write diagonal arrow. \...
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Float a table* above twocolumn text but below chapter in book class

Pretty much the title. I have a feeling this isn't possible, but I feel like its worth asking. I had been using multicols to switch back and forth, allowing me to put the table beneath the chapter ...
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chapter title style and spacing issues of above of title

I'm writing my thesis using document class report. The chapter titles are coming as "Chapter 1": a gap then on the next line "Introduction". I want to make it "Chapter 1: ...
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Indent chapter title with titlesec

I am using the following code to define the Chapters with the titlesec package in the book class and XeLaTeX. \titleformat{\chapter}[block] {\futura\huge\bfseries\raggedright} {\thechapter\text{.}\...
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How to position the chapter title in the margin with Memoir?

I want to put the chapter title in the margin, like in the example. I am using Memoir. I have no MWE since I really don´t know how to position the chapter in the margin. Thanks in advance!
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Narrow text area in chapter opener

I would like to change the chapter opening page. Set up a narrow block of text and place the chapter name in the wide inner margin. I'm using the "koma-script" class. Page example +----------...
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How can I remove chapter name at the top of appendix and bibliography pages using fancyhdr package?

I am using fancyhdr package to add chapter name at the top of each page. The code of a simple LaTeX example: \documentclass[a4paper,10pt]{report} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{fancyhdr}%Add ...
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How to change chapter style?

How do i change the chapter style so i get something like this? The font type is not important, but I would like the chapter name below the chapter number. At this point my code looks like this. ...
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How to make sure that this part will appear as Chapter in this latex document?

I was given the PCtex LaTeX template by my university. Since I was more comfortable with Overleaf, I tried to run the file there and I found out that some problems occur when all the chapters are ...
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Different background images per chapter page

Each of my chapter titles are on a single page, with the content following on the following page. I have added a standard background image to each of those pages. What I'd like to do though, is to be ...
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Changing my chapter heading style and would like to add some text below the heading and before starting the content

Currently, my PhD thesis chapter heading looks like But I would like to make it like or something stylish, but I have to write some text between the chapter name and the starting actual content of ...
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How to add copyright information at the bottom of chapter page?

How to add copyright information at the bottom of the first page of Chapter 1 as follows (if possible we can add the copyright information at another, note necessarily all, chapter page)? The ...
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Page numbering on chapter pages

I am trying to copy the format of a textbook for a class I have. It has all of the page numbers in the header, except for the chapter pages, where the number is in the bottom right footer. I do not ...
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Dedication at the first page of a chapter

Is there already an environment to insert a dedication statement at the first page of a chapter? (Like in the below image) \documentclass{book} \begin{document} \chapter{one} \end{document}
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Suppress footer on first page of chapters

How can I suppress the footer on the first page of the chapters from the code given below? \documentclass{book} \usepackage{lmodern} \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage{...
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