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{citing} is about specific or customized citation commands. For general questions about bibliographies and citations, use {bibliographies}, or preferably the tag for the bibliography packages and/or backend programs you use, e.g., {bibtex}, {natbib}, or {biblatex}. For using information from regular \label - statements, use {cross-referencing}.

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Using BibTeX/biblatex to make a list of references without having citations in the body of the document?

Is there any way to have BibTeX or biblatex insert a bibliography without having citations in the body of the document itself? Maybe a way to hide the in-text citations, so that BibTeX still sees them ...
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Question mark or bold citation key instead of citation number

I've browsed the forums and found a number of posts that have addressed this issue, but none of the solutions seem to work for me. I have the following script that I just copied from the bibtex home ...
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Showing the bibliographic entry in a popup when you hover over the citation key

I thought it would be useful to have bibliographic entries displayed as a tooltip so readers are not interrupted by following hyperlinks or trying to find the Bibliography, so I created the following ...
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"direct" quotations and "entire paragraph" quotations

I need two types of citations which I have not figured out how to define: (see highlighted in grey) 1) As Owens stated (2008, p.97), ‘the value of...’ 2) Simone de Beauvoir (1972, p.365) ...
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Citing a range of papers using numeric keys as in \cite{a, b, c} -> [1-3]

How can I cite a range of papers, the output is a range of numbers, instead of a list of numbers? In other words, when I type ... some dummy text here is due to me \cite{me1, me2, me3, me4} ... I ...
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What is the difference in citing/referencing with or without tilde?

I've seen examples referencing a table as follows: Table~\ref{table:overview} shows an overview of all the elements. What is the use of the tilde in front of \ref or \cite and when do you have to ...
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How to cite one bibentry in full length in the body text?

I am using the natbib package. Now I want to have a bibliography entry cited in full length in the text. That should also appear in the bibliography are. For example Text text... Mr. ABCD (...
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How do I make LaTeX push long citations to a new line?

When I use the \cite command for my citations, often LaTeX will overflow the margins for my lines, and the text looks pretty bad. How can I make LaTeX push long citations to the next line ...
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Multiple citations with pages using BibLaTeX

How can I do multiple citations with page numbers using bibLaTeX/biber? I have tried \cite[2,3,4]{ref1,ref2,ref3,ref4} but it doesn't work.
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How do I cite author in LaTeX?

How do I cite authors in LaTeX? I tried using natbib package ---- doc.tex ---- ... \usepackage{natbib} ... \citeauthor{736184} ... ---- doc.bib ---- @inproceedings{736184, author = {Broder, ...
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Why should I put a ~ before \ref or \cite?

My question is in the title of this post, but extends to other referencing commands like \eqref, \citep, \citet (and the like) as well.
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Natbib In-Text Citation displays (author?) [duplicate]

I have taken a look through many other questions on this subject but cannot seem to fix my issue. Essentially while references display correctly I cannot get the author citation to appear in my text ...
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hyperlink name with biblatex authoryear

I am using biblatex with the authoryear styles. So far I've been able to find everything I need easily in the excellent documentation, but I'm stuck on one thing. With my current settings (below) ...
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Multiple references in LaTeX

I'm writing a paper and using the IEEEtran.cls in LaTeX. I need to have my references to appear like: \cite{test1,test2,test3} I want : [1-3] I searched and found that I need to include cite package....
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Should you put citations before or after interpunction?

This probably also could go to English.SE, but I'm not sure. When I want to cite a source for a complete sentence, you put the citation before or after the period? And if you cite for a word, or ...
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Can a bibtex entry be given more than one reference name?

I would like to give some of my bibtex entries multiple reference names, without duplicating the entry. Is this possible? My reason is that I have a reference name scheme in my master bibtex file, ...
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Biblatex, author-year, square brackets

I need to customize the author-year citation in biblatex for a template at work. Right now biblatex cites like this: Ruschmeyer u. a. 1995, S. 123 They way I was told it needs to cite is: [...
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LaTeX Warning: Citation undefined

Sample running code: \documentclass[a4paper,11pt]{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{lmodern} \usepackage[hidelinks]{hyperref} % Hyperref package for url's and [...
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Can I count the number of times each reference is cited?

I am writing a paper, and I would like to be able to find out automatically how many times each reference is cited. This could either be appended to the references in a printed version, or outputted ...
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53 votes
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How to get title of a citation?

Is there some way to get the title of a citation shown in the normal text instead of the key? I need the titles of some papers I cite in the normal text, so typing them by hand seems to be superfluous ...
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5 answers

Natbib sorting and citation order by appearance

I've started writing my thesis using LaTeX (as recommended by the school) and as a complete novice at it, I've been stuck trying to figure out how to change the citation by order of appearance. I'm ...
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Citation Style Language (CSL)

How can I use Citation Style Language(CSL) in LaTeX Bibliography? It seems fantastic, there is 2,803 Citation Style right now in Zotero Style Repository. The Citation Style Language (CSL) is an ...
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\nocite{*} for single bibdatasources with biblatex/biber

Several bibliography resources are used in one single tex-document. They resources have been added using: \addbibresource{}. Now I'd like to use the \nocite{*} command to print all references of one ...
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How to cite ISO or British Standards in LaTeX/BibTeX

I am trying to cite this British Standard in my Thesis, however using the usual @keysdoesn't really seem to help make it clear, is there a more practical way to do this as it doesn't really fall into ...
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Cite multiple references with Bibtex? [duplicate]

So I use bibtex and I have set my \bibliographystyle to be unsrt. I want Latex to render something like this: ref [1]-[5] support this claim. but if i write: \cite{x1} - \cite{x5} blah blah ...
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How to embed citations into footnotes?

How can I put a reference at the bottom of the page to something that I'm using? I need to do this the European way: so I want to place a small number at the end of the sentence that stands higher ...
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Cite in theorem environment argument [duplicate]

When I try to cite a book in such a way \begin{theorem}[\cite[p.~90]{bibitem}] Theorem body. \end{theorem} I've got an error because of multiple use of [ and ]. Is it possible to cite in such a way ...
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Citing inside theorem header

How do I create something like this without getting any errors? \begin{thm}[\cite[page 10]{ABC2011}] ... \end{thm} I tried putting various things into {...} brackets, but not eliminating any errors. ...
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Cite references in figure caption

Problem: Getting error messages when trying to cite a reference in the figure caption. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Can't seem to find that this has been up previously either. Minimal Working ...
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How to make citations appear within square brackets [ ] instead of parentheses ( )?

I'm using a this freely downloadable latex class file and the style is set to \bibliographystyle{ieeetr}. But when I cite something with \cite{} I get it inside (). For example I get it as abc et al....
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How to abbreviate journal name in citation

I'm writing my research proposal and my supervisor wants me to abbreviate the journal name (and remove part of the month from the publication date). How can I achieve that? Edit: I am using BibTeX ...
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Author name of \textcite as possessive

When using biblatex I often use \textcite. Sometimes I want to write things like "Smith's (2000) formulation of x is" instead of "Smith (2000) formulates x as". How do I achieve ...
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Bibliography with page numbers

In GKP's Concrete Mathematics, there is a useful and interesting feature I would like to see in more books. The bibliography entries include: a - the page numbers where the book or article is cited ...
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Several citations in the same bracket

Suppose I make two citations at the same place \cite{ref1}, \cite{ref2} It would appear as [1], [2] Sometimes I see a reference like [1, 2] How is that done in TeX? Also, when should I use one ...
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How do I instruct \fullcite to use maxbibnames rather than maxcitenames?

For my PhD thesis, I am including a List of appended papers automagically. To generate the references, I used to use \bibentry, but now I switched to biblatex and headed for \fullcite hoping it to be ...
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Why doesn't Pandoc convert citations correctly from Markdown to LaTeX?

Consider the following markdown fragment: Connecting these native implementations to the Python world is enabled by the [Cython]( toolchain  [@behnel2011cython]. I use pandoc to ...
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Make PhD citations say "dissertation" rather than thesis

At my school, PhD works are generally referred to as dissertations rather than theses. My bibtex file has this entry: @phdthesis{Alsolami2012Auth, title = {An examination of keystroke ...
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Cite Author's Full Name

I'd like to generate a linked citation with a full author's name. For instance, if I use According to \citet{bob2000} apples are tasty. And run with hyperref, I get the author's last name and a ...
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Is there a way to optimize citation order to reduce the number of superscript numbers in text?

I want to know if there is a way to optimize the order my citations are in, such that they output the minimum number of numbers in the text. So, if I have citations \cite{A,B,C} and later \cite{A,C,...
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Citing RFCs with biblatex

I want to cite RFCs in the format [RFCxxxx] instead of using the author's initials and the year it was published. Currently I am using the alphabetic style that comes with biblatex. So far, I tried ...
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32 votes
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Universal `\cite` commands or defining new cite commands

I would like to know the best practice to get "universal" cite commands. Across the different articles, I have written, each has had a different template for a different publication venue. And, each ...
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How can one cite theorems of references?

I would like to cite the item (iii) of proposition 3 of a reference. How can I do it? Which ways do you suggest? This is a question not only about LaTeX, but also about style. One option I have seen ...
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bibtex and genitive / possessive 's: the proper way to obtain "Kuran's (1989) model"

Is there an automatic way to attach a genitive apostrophe or " ' s " to an author's name? Currently I use: \citeauthor{kuran1989}'s \citeyear{kuran1989} But since this comes up regularily I'd like ...
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biblatex: How to omit "p." at \cite?

I'm using \cite[1]{A01}. The result is Author 2001, p. 1 The desired result is Author 2001, 1 How do I achieve that? I'm aware of biblatex: How to remove the parentheses around the year in ...
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How to cite a speech only available as a YouTube-video

I created a paragraph about Project Soli which was introduced at this year's Google I/O conference. However there are only two videos available. This is one of them:
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Cite a standard, specification or data sheet from a company/institution but without an author

As an electronic engineer I often cite technical standards, specifications or data sheets. They come usually from a specific company or institution but do not have a specific author. I like to have ...
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Cite pop-up in Texstudio doesn't show up anymore

I'm using TeXstudio 2.5.2 together with Jabref 2.9.2 and BibLaTeX. Everything in my document works fine except that when I enter \cite no pop-up with all the bibliography entries shows up. The weird ...
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How do you remove a space before a citation in LaTeX?

I have something like \documentclass{article} \usepackage{cite} \begin{document} Blah Blah (\cite{All14}) \bibliography{Ref} \bibliographystyle{alpha} \end{document} But LaTeX keeps placing a ...
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Citing the source of an equation?

I cant find a good way of adding a \cite to an equation. I'd like to give a reference to the equation's source, but I can't figure out how to typeset it nicely. If I include it in with the equation ...
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References in IEEEtran?

I've downloaded the official IEEE LaTeX template but am having some trouble adding references in bibtex format. For instance if I wanted to cite and reference this article, given as: @article{Khoe:...
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