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{cleanup} concerns deleting ancillary files that are generated by (La)TeX; these include .aux, .log, .toc, .lof, .lot, .bbl, etc

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Delete /svg-inkscape directory with latexmk cleanup

I'm using the svg package to include graphics in my document. When I compile using latexmk -pdf -silent -synctex=1 "myFile", my working directory fills with all of the typically generated ...
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Clean comment.cut file with latexmk

latexmk -C does not remove the temporary auxiliary comment.cut file created by the comment package. How can this functionality be achieved? MWE: $ latexmk --version Latexmk, John Collins, 25 ...
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macTex 2018 arara misssing lmkclean script

I use arara to build and that worked well with 2017 MacTex and TexShop but since i have updated to 2018 version of MacTex i get a error in the line: % arara: lmkclean that sounds like this: I could ...
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Problem with the -c option and latexmk

Let assume that I want to compile the document doc.tex with latexmk and clear the processing files. When I do latexmk -c doc.tex, it gives me the following output : Latexmk: This is Latexmk, John ...
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cleaner html code from tex4ht

I wish to have cleaner html code from tex4ht, but I am not able to see, form the code from the file, why there are carriage returns in the html code this is the code for tabular. I added several ...
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error while attempting to change aux directory

I used following command to change the directory of the aux and output directory Specifying the Directory for Auxiliary Files The option `--aux-directory=dir` causes TeX to create auxiliary files in ...
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How to clean unused files?

I recently edited an existing document to create a new one from it (that is: I copied the whole folder to a new location and started from there). The early document had a lot of figures, but not all ...
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How do I write a script (in Windows) that removes all the temporary LaTeX files in Vim?

Maybe my title is not so clear; I Googled a lot about cleaning up temporary files after a PDF is generated, and find it is not recommand to remove it completely in each compile. I do want to remove ...
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Cleaning my TeX-code

I've recently finished my first paper written in LaTeX. I've gone through the code and tried to clean up and make it more reasonable - this is quite a challenge. I don't want you to actually ...
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Can I use latexmk -C for cleaning up only, and compile with another tool?

Can I compile my document with other tools and use latexmk -C only for cleaning up? One application could be to use it then in the clean: section of a Makefile that uses pdflatex for make pdf.
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Is there a beamer auto-indent program? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tool for cleaning LaTeX code Beamer presentation files are very structures, they have sections, in which you find subsections, which include frames that have titles and then ...
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How to clean up .table and .gnuplot using latexmk

I'm using latexmk as my building assistance. I'm also trying to use it as the clean-up contractor... In .latexmkrc I added: $pdf_previewer = "open -a /Applications/"; $clean_ext = "rel paux ...
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Automatic source document formatting [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tool for cleaning LaTeX code This might not be a TeX question, strictly speaking but I'm sure this is the right forum to ask this: Is there a tool that can format the (La)TeX ...
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Autoformat latex source [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tool for cleaning LaTeX code I got a simple question. I just got hold of a, very "ugly" latex document. By ugly I mean, that the source code is almost unreadable. Is there a ...
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Clean-up temporary files after PDF is generated [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Deleting external/auxiliary files? Is anyone aware of a way of how to cleanup temporary files generated by pdflatex during the generation of the PDF file? I came across the ...
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Having pdflatex clean up after itself in WinEdt?

How do I get pdflatex (via WinEdt) to remove all the extra output files (e.g., .lof, .blg, etc.) after compiling my .tex/.bib/.etc to a .pdf? If there is a solution, I suspect it will come via "...
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Can I set Vim w/ vim-latexsuite to clean up aux files after compile?

I can't find the appropriate setting in gVim. Is there a way to manually edit my setting file to clean aux files after compile? Thanks!
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Tool for cleaning LaTeX code [duplicate]

Is there something like indent for LaTeX? I have a collaborator that is using Scientific Workplace and the code it produces is totally messed up; I know I shouldn't expect miracles, but any machine ...
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