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How can I fit multiple nodes inside a cloud?

If possible, I want to draw following figure, where two nodes side-by-side inside a cloud: What I have as follows, cloud is taken from the following answer for Asymmetric cloud shape in TikZ. In ...
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Tikz IOT- network

I want to paint a IOT network, in Tikz. On the left side I need a television, two Persons, In the middle i want a speaker with tikz and on the right side i need symbols (A door cloud, a phone). I ...
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How can I draw cloud figure behind a cyclinder?

I am trying to draw a cloud figure in the background of a cylinder. Original example, sorry I was not able to find the cylinder version of it: Latex version of the wanted figure: What I have as ...
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how to load the images from cloud server like Microsoft Azure Cloud server [duplicate]

Is any option available to load the images from cloud server like Microsoft Azure Cloud server through the \graphicspath{} path section like \graphicspath{ {
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Texstudio and Nextcloud - "File changed externally" error

For my thesis at a research institute I am using a internal Nextcloud system to store data online. I figured that if I store my Tex files in Nextcloud I can easily work on my thesis from office and ...
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Draw unknown "Cloud" circuit in Circuitikz

I wanted to draw an unknown part of the circuit with a kind of "cloud" as shown in the left part of figure below. I was wondering what is the best way to do it in Circuitikz?
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Cloud callout with large aspect ratio

I'm trying to use a cloud callout to remember people in a beamer presentation on a previous equation. Since the equation is long, I have to use a large aspect ratio for the callout, which results in a ...
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Working my project between different computers. How?

Which is the best option to keep my images? I'm working on my thesis and sometimes I use the notebook or the computer. At the moment, I'm keeping my LaTeX files on Google Drive. Is that the best ...
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Onedrive and latex compiling conflict

There are warnings about overwriting the new .tex file by the old one if you compile it and if it is in onedrive. Trying to keep both .tex files, system generates XX(origin file name)-(computer name)....
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tikz - Curved cloud shape

So here is my code that produces a circle with text inside and three clouds, also with text, around it. I would like the clouds to curve in an arc around the circle, if that is possible. There is this ...
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Connecting nodes placed in a cloud and a math equation using curved arrow [closed]

I am trying to connect a node placed at `here' inside a cloud shape to a node placed at the 'left(' in an equation above the cloud. I have the following code so far. \documentclass{article} \...
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Rectanglar cloud shaped node in TikZ

I am trying to make an automatically scaling rectangular cloud shape around a node in TikZ. The first attempt below gives a cloud shaped like an ellipse, but I don't like that. I would like it to be ...
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