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How to specify a FOGRA39 ICC colour profile in LuaLaTeX

I found some posts about this (like pdfx: CMYK color profile in PDF/A) but I'm not sure it applies to my case. Here is the context : I'm a designer and I'm working on a mixed Adobe/LaTeX workflow I ...
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Creating a PDF/A, PDF/X and PDF/UA multistandard compliant thesis or paper

I am writing a thesis/paper. It will be printed, the publisher requires PDF/X format. It will also be distributed (and archived by my university library) online. The library requires PDF/A standard. ...
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pdfx: CMYK color profile in PDF/A

I am not completely sure whether this is even supposed to work, but reading the documentation of pdfx it is my understanding that while PDF/A by default uses a RGB profile, it is possible to ...
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Why does XeTeX change gray scale JPG to CMYK?

I always thought that none of the engines is capable of converting colors of external image files. However today I noticed that a gray scale image gets – somehow – converted to CMYK when using xelatex ...
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No color profile found for RGB screen colors [closed]

I am using Texmaker and when building tex file I get the following error: No color profile found for RGB screen colors The files is compiled correctly, it seems that the Texmaker has issue with ...
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TexStudio color profile matching TeX StackExchange code samples?

Does anybody know if this exists, and if it does, where I could find it?
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How to change the color of a magic comment

In TeXStudio you can have magic comments: % !TeX. I want to change their foreground color, but can't find that option in the Syntax Highlighting tab in the configuration options. How can I change ...
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How do I change the colors of the application interface in TexStudio? [duplicate]

I understand how to change the colors of the editor itself ( as in the link: How can I set a dark theme in TeXstudio? ) but now I want to change the application interface from white with black font to ...
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libpng warnings about sRGB profiles - determine which files are meant and disable warning [duplicate]

After some LaTeX or system updates, I get these new warnings for something that was typeset perfectly before: libpng warning: iCCP: Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited Since it'...
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xcolor black isn't black enough

I'm making a poster (using baposter) where I wish to include some microscopy images. To make the fluorescent signals stand out better, I changed the background of that cell to "pitchblack", which I ...
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LaTeX color and ICC color profiles

I have a (pdf|Xe)LaTeX document and trying to keep it CMYK. For some documents, I use a certain color for it's elements, which is RGB #BDCDDA. As my final document should be using the Adobe CMYK ...
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Cannot change font color to black with CreateSpace package

I am using a package called CreateSpace but with the below code, the font color is more "brownish" than black. RGB(45,38,32) and not RGB(0,0,0) but I can't find anywhere in the files from that package ...
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How do I make sure images are CMYK?

I am submitting a paper to a conference in a few days and just noticed they require all images to be in CMYK color space. Is there a quick easy way to check if they are? And if they are not, is ...
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