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{color} is about using color in (La)TeX documents. Popular packages are color and xcolor.

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Remove ugly borders around clickable cross-references and hyperlinks

I know that I can use hyperref to make cross-references and hyperlinks clickable. That makes the clickable areas outlined in fluorescent green, however. How can I make the green boxes go away?
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\includegraphics PDF, color problem

I'm using pdflatex, and use \includegraphics to include content of figures from PDF. PDF are exported from InkScape. \begin{figure} [!h] \centering \includegraphics[height=3cm]{fig/SUSAN.pdf} ...
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options for appearance of links in hyperref

If I use \usepackage[colorlinks]{hyperref} I get colored links for \cite (not good for printing or even viewing) but table of content looks fine. If I use \usepackage[colorlinks=false]{hyperref} ...
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How can I make internal links both colored and underlined?

I would like the internal hyperlinks generated by hyperref to be colored and underlined. Reading some of the package documentation, I know that these \hypersetup keys exist: colorlinks: when true, ...
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How to color math symbols?

One can use the command such as \textcolor[rgb]{1.00,0.00,0.00}{boundary} to color the word "boundary" in a document. Here is my question: How to color the math symbols in $$? For example, can one ...
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Option clash for package xcolor

I'm writing a report, and have a rather large table in my appendix. I'd like to emphasize some specific values by coloring some single cells. I'm trying to do it with xcolor. But receiving the error: ...
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Parametrize shading in table through TikZ

I wanted to do some shading in a table according to its values. For example, if you see the table below: a b c d a 90 10 0 0 b 0 80 10 10 c 0 0 95 5 d 0 10 5 85 I want to shade ...
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Adobe Reader and xcolor within a table breaks the line render

I'm using the xcolor package to colour the top row in a table. This is displayed properly using PDF viewers such as Preview or Skim (Mac). But using Adobe Reader 10.1.3 (either Windows or Mac) doesn't ...
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pdftooltip from pdfcomment package: Using LaTeX code in tooltip

I work as a Physics teacher and I am writing a "Problem-Solution-Book" with hyperlinks from problems to solutions and backreferencing -- all of it works pretty good. Now I wanted to introduce ...
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Can \includegraphics be used to change an image color?

I'm including a number of PDF images in my document using \includegraphics. I'm wondering if there's a way for LaTeX to adjust their color profile, hopefully the same way it can flip images upside ...
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Block quote with big quotation marks

How can I create a block quote enviroment with big quotation marks similar to the Cquote Template of Wikipedia? Additionally it would be nice to place both quotation marks and quote in a colored box ...
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Matrix change row or column background

I have a matrix shown below. I would like to have the whole row green rather than only the cells. How can I do that? \begin{equation}\label{eq:appendrow} \newcommand\x{\times} \newcommand\y{\...
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How to create alternating rows in a table?

Sometimes you can see in books tables, that have alternating background color for rows in a table to support readability. How I can achieve this with LaTeX? And yes, I could put macros \odd and \even ...
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PDF colour model and LaTeX

(Strictly speaking, this is a question about XeLaTeX and the xcolor package but I’m assuming that the issue is actually with the color model of PDF.) I’m having the problem that colours in my PDF don’...
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Option clash with xcolor and TikZ

I want to draw some coloured circles, so I loaded tikz in my preamble. However, now xcolor is telling me that it has an "option clash". How should I fix this? \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz}...
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Giving headlines a background color spanning across the entire typearea

I posted this at stackoverflow and got redirected here. This does indeed look like a better place to ask. I would like to decorate my headlines (section, subsection, etc.) by adding a background ...
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How do I color table columns?

I've found question How do I fill table cells with a background color?, but the link to the documentation isn't helping me at all. I'd like to know how to color a table column given my column code, ...
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How to change the background color only for the current page?

How can I change the background color only for the current page? I found that I can change the color with \pagecolor{color} but that unfortunately changes the color for all pages after this command. ...
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How to shade text in different colors?

I need a single character in two colors. Figuring I could use the shadings library of TikZ, I followed the manual (section 23.4.1, the TikZ example): \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \...
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Color changes cell height in tabular

The following code shows that a \color{red} command increases the height of a tabular cell. I want to use a switch, not a command as \textcolor{red}{text}. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{xcolor}...
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Listings package: How can I format all numbers?

I want to highlight all the numbers appearing in an input code of a certain program by, for example, coloring them. By numbers I mean integer, rational and floating point numbers. I am trying with the ...
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Colors and legend in groupplots/barplot

In order to compare three items I use the groupplot command. For each item I have n different criteria to compare. Is it possible to set the color for each criteria itself? Meaning the first bar in ...
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soul: broken highlighting with xcolor when using \selectcolormodel

I try to highlight text using the soul package. But I experience problems if I use it in combinations with the xcolor command selectcolormodel, only spaces are highlighted as shown in the MWE: \...
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Create a box using the tcolorbox package or any other? (image)

I would like to make a box like the figure below. Can you assist me with text code using tcolorbox? Thanks
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3 answers

How to highlight an entire paragraph?

I'd like to highlight paragraphs such that the highlight color appears as one whole rectangle underlying the entire paragraph. I have looked around but nothing gives me the desired effect so far. For ...
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Does anybody know a good source of (free) ornaments, decorations, frames, backgrounds etc.?

I'd like to prepare a "fancy" typographical project, more interesting visually than a "boring" black-on-white text. I'm not very talented at drawing, though, so I'd like to ask about a place to find (...
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How to replace a large block of text by an empty block of the same size?

I know there exists the \phantom command, but does it work on large blocks of text (containing several paragraphs or even several pages)? What I want is to have some commands, call them \hide and \...
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Coloring a black and white PDF graphic

I have a graphic in PDF format (originally converted from an SVG) that is monochromatic (black on white). Is it possible using TikZ or PSTricks but not (Illustrator or Inkscape) to include this image ...
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Are there an easy way to coloring tables depending on the value in each cell?

I viewed in this post Conditional format for correlation table a solution to my question, but... Are there any easier way (or alternative) to do this using colors? Thank you. ------------------ ...
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Coloring digits with the listings package

I'm trying to typeset some python code, and I would like integer literals to be highlighted. I've come up, after about two hours of fighting with the documentation and various other questions here and ...
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Colored symbols

First of all, I apologize if this is a repetitive question. I searched, but couldn't find it. I was wondering if I can change the color of symbols in latex. For example \ast always give me a black ...
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Change color in finished pdf file

Suppose I have a finished PDF file, say a figure generated from some software, where the ink is black. I would include it in a document. Suppose I want to include it in a beamer presentation with ...
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How can I change the color of digits when using the listings package?

I'm using the listings package and was already able to modify the color of the keywords and almost all elements I was interested in. The only thing that remains is the color of the digits. I'd like to ...
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Can I change the font and colour of a letter permanently?

For my lectures, I like to colour the symbols in the equations to make it easier to follow what's going on - a bit like syntax highlighting. So all vector spaces are one colour, all sets another, e ...
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How does changing colour affect spacing?

In the following example, the space after the red equation is much larger than the space after the black one. \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{xcolor} \begin{document} \[ a = b \] The quick ...
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Creating a zebra effect using listings

This question led to a new package: lstlinebgrd (lstaddons bundle) Friends, consider the following example using the listings package: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage{...
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How to color the font of a single row in a table?

I have a table and I want to make the font color red for just one row (not the background). How do I do that? Here's my table: \begin{tabular}{ l | l l l l } & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 ...
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LaTeX Tables: Cell value color based on its sign / conditional cell color

I've a long LaTeX document with many tables. Now I want to show negative values in cell in red color. I wonder how to do globally. My MWE is below: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} \begin{...
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How to specify a fill color in RGB format in a node in tikzpicture?

I am just trying to get a rounded corner box with some text in it. The text color will be white and the box will be filled with a particular color. The preamble includes: \usepackage{tikz} \...
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How to use different colors for different \href commands?

I have two different \href{}{} links and I want each to be a different color. In the example below they will both be blue, how can I make each link have a different color? \documentclass{article} \...
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Change the background color of a frame in Beamer

How can I change the background color of one frame in my Beamer document? I tried doing \begin{frame} \setbeamercolor{background canvas}{bg=violet} % frame contents here \end{frame} but it ...
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Coloring columns in a table with colortbl and booktabs

I have created a rather complicated table with some columns that I want to color. For the table, I chose the booktabs and tabularx packages. For coloring the columns, I use colortbl. The problem that ...
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How do I get different colors for math and for text?

I want to include something in my LaTeX article that will make all mathematical formulae appear in black, while all text (including everything inside \text{}s in the middle of mathematical formulae) ...
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Why is the start row of \rowcolors ignored in tabularx?

Seems like \rowcolors when used for a {tabularx} doesn’t work properly: The specific number of the first row to be colored is ignored. This is not the case for a normal {tabular}. In both tables the ...
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Inkscape → PDF → includegraphics → XeLaTeX → changed colors

I have an SVG file, which I have made/edited with Inkscape. I want to include this image in my thesis. The svg file is here: (because Inkscape uses a non-standard ...
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wrapping inline long lines and adding background color

Objective I'm trying to achieve the following output. Here's the code I used to produce it. I had to hack it \begin{document} \begin{description} \item In \texttt{./build/org.eclipse.cdt....
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Rounded corner colored box around figure

I'm trying to get Rounded corner grey-colored box around figures. One solution would be to use \usepackage{float} \floatstyle{boxed} \restylefloat{figure} but this results in black box around a ...
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How to change color for a block of texts?

I am editing a LaTeX paper with Emacs. Sometimes I want to make a block of texts less obvious (or less important to see). Instead of totally hiding them, they should still be there. Is there an easy ...
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color only a cell of a table [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Color merged and regular cells in a table individually I tried to color only a cell of my table but I don't know how do it. I found the method to color an entire row.How could ...
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Is there a way to have coloured hyperref hyperlinks in the PDF, but have them print "as if" they were black?

I like having my hyperref hyperlinks a different colour, so it's obvious that they are links. But when I print a copy of the PDF, I don't want the links to be coloured, because you can't click them, ...
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