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Questions tagged [complexity]

The tag {complexity} is currently used for problems using the LaTeX package complexity. Complexity is a LaTeX package that defines commands to typeset Computational Complexity Classes such as P and NP. Please, don't use this tag, because in your opinion your question is complex or describes a complicated problem. Instead, try to simplify your problem.

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1 vote
2 answers

Incompatibility of complexity and polyglossia

The following simple MWE, generates an error: \documentclass{book} \usepackage{complexity} \usepackage{polyglossia} \setdefaultlanguage[variant=american]{english} \begin{document} Test! \end{...
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3 votes
2 answers

LaTeX macro for complexity theory problem statement

I'm writing a thesis where I define some computational problems and I want them all to have the usual style presented in textbooks. Something like this: I defined a command to do this easily as a ...
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0 votes
3 answers

Drawing overlapping complexity classes in tikz

I'm trying to create an illustration of complexity classes in tikz. Something like this: Can someone help me with that? The part I'm having trouble with is drawing the ellipses so that they are ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Problem with accentuation in the math environment

Hello I'm using the complexity package to write a text where I would like to highlight some complexity classes. However the text is being written in a Latin language which requires the use of accents ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Sometimes (specially in bibliographies) the \P complexity class is rendered as pilcrow

A MWE is as follows. With texlive 20200327-30 from Fedora 34 (up to date) I get the \P rendered as '¶'. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{filecontents} \usepackage{biblatex} \usepackage{complexity} ...
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