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Change time format in datenumber

I am using the datenumber package in \LaTeX for something else but the output has a format of (month day, year), i.e. January 29, 2020. I would like to change it to 29 January 2020 or 2020 January 29. ...
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Generate schedule planner between two given dates

I am trying to generate a table with the following format: I am looking for a way to generate the dates given the initial week (In this case Jun 3 - 7) I tried using the package datenumber but I am ...
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Automatic date in personal journal

I keep a personal journal using LaTeX. I'd like to create an environment that automatically keeps track of the date of every entry, without having to manually input them myself. This is the code so ...
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changing language in datenumber

I'm trying to change the language in the datenumber package as described in the manual on page 3. Unfortunately datenumber doesn't hook into the babel translation but comes with its own translation ...
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How to calculate future dates based on custom date (e.g. 2018-05-05 + 14 days)?

I want to create invoices for customers in scrlttr2. Hereby I set the document date via \setkomavar{date}{\today}. I reuse this date with advdate to automatically add a payment deadline into the ...
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How to change font of numbers in a table

how do I not only change the font of the next in my table but also that of the numbers? I used these lines to change the font of my table: \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{phv} \renewcommand{\sfdefault}{...
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Input a date to `datetime2` in a format different than iso

Having a date stored in a macro: \def\Mydate{20-12-2017} I would like to do some calculations (advance days/months) using datetime2. If \Mydate stores the date in yyyy-mm-dd I won't have issues, but ...
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datenumber: define \dateshortmonthname

I am working with datenumber package with spanish option, \usepackage[spanish]{datenumber} and I want to define a command similar to \datemonthname, but each month with the first 3 letters, I mean ...
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Passing values from PythonTeX to LaTeX

I have read in the PythonTeX manual about how to pass LaTeX values to PythonTeX, but I cannot find any documentation (or a way) to do the reverse. For example, in the LaTeX package datenumber, one ...
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Calculations with dates

I want to make a table where I describe every week some facts, in two specific days. These days are fixed in the table, but they are selected arbitrarily. I would like to print the dates of each date ...
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