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How would we write code for a smile with a dot underneathe it?

We want either \smallsmile or \smile with a dot underneath it. How do we draw a \smile with a dot underneath? \smile
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Putting a check/czech accent on a letter [duplicate]

In mathematical equations, in Latex, how do I put a check/czech accent on a letter?
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LaTeX displays (replaces? shows?) combining comma above right (U+315) as a backtick/grave accent (U+0060)

I am using Overleaf to write a grammar of Lushootseed (a native language) and I need to use the symbol ƛ̕, which is composed of ƛ and ̕ (a combining diacritic). I've been able to get other characters ...
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How to Produce All of the Greek Diacritics Seen Here?

I am trying to replicate (as closely as possible) the following Greek (with diacritics): I am using the \textgreek command: \documentclass[12pt]{book} \usepackage[LGR,T1]{fontenc} \newcommand{\...
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Proper caron accents with kpfonts?

In good typesetting, the caron accent on some letters (t, d, l) should be replaced with something looking more like an apostrophe. This is done correctly with the "default" font with T1 ...
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Arabic text go under baseline when vocalisation diacritics (tashkil) is used

When an Arabic text is vocalized (using the diacritics called tashkil), the whole line sometimes goes below the expected baseline. Here is an example with the following MWE: \documentclass[12pt,...
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Ignore accents for interline spacing

I need to adjust how \LaTeX works with interline's spacing whitin a paragraph (and if possible between a title and a paragraph). The problem arises when I use the Ponomar Unicode font. It has áccent ...
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How to write an i-breve WITH an an acute accent on top (eg, "Latin Small Letter i with Breve and Acute")?

How would I go about either making or indicating this character (the example here is from the Blackfoot Native American language)?: In context, the number 7: ixkits´ĭka, kits´ĭka : And full context, ...
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Diacritic on last Hebrew letter

I'm using the polyglossia package to write Hebrew text, with Hebrew set as the second language (\setotherlanguage{hebrew}). However, I'm facing an issue where the diacritic point on the last letter of ...
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Dotted circle (U+25CC) with Arabic diacritics uncentered in XeLaTeX

I am trying to typeset the Arabic diacritics together with the dotted circle and for some reason, the diacritic is always un-centered. I even tried stackengine to overlap them, but they are still off. ...
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How to prevent diacritic characters from overlapping the next character inside a verbatim? (Font-specific?)

I'm producing a document using Xetex that contains code in the APL programming language. In this language, the character ¯ is used to denote negative numbers. The problem is that when I enter the ¯ ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Can't capitalize Swedish letters (å, ä, ö) with pdfTeX

I'm working on a Swedish language file to fmtcount and, to support some of fmtcount's commands (e.g. \Numberstring and NUMBERstring), I need to make strings containing the Swedish characters å, ä and ...
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Cannot use \aa in \eappto with pdfLaTeX [duplicate]

I'm working on a Swedish language file to fmtcount. There I have to concatenate strings to form numerals. As the Swedish words for two and eight ("två" and "åtta") contain the ...
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\eappto and \aa doesn't work with pdflatex without fontenc

I'm trying to use \aa in an \eappto command. The minimal code below works just fine in XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX but fails with pdfLaTeX unless I include the fontenc package. This confuses me as \aa works ...
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2 answers

Fix Kerning Internal to a Unicode Character

Is there any way to drill down into the code that defines, for example, Ἄ to fix the kerning of the diacritics? It's worse in ebgaramond; it's not very much better in computer modern. \documentclass{...
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Diacritics not printed correctly with TIPAUNI

I have asked a question on another problem (see here) and someone suggested using tipauni instead of tipa. My initial problem (font of IPA symbols) has been solved thanks to this suggestion. However, ...
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How to place a slash (/) over the letter ð?

How can I type the letter ð with a slash across it? I have tried the solutions proposed in How can I place a "slash" -- / -- through a letter in this way? but they do not work for the letter ...
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Adding two diacritical points under letters

I'm working on a glossary with some transliterated Persian, Urdu and Arabic. Conforming with earlier publications, I sometimes need to use two diacritical dots under letters such as s, z and t. I've ...
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Using combining accents as an automatic fallback?

I am using lots of diacritics (mostly accents and diareses/umlauts, the occasional cedilla or ogonek) in my documents. Almost all of them are supported fine: I enter them directly using Unicode and ...
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Subring / underring / ring below diacritic in Biblatex

I need to write a "subring", "underring", "combining ring below", "U+0325", whatever you call it, under a letter, in my bibtex document. Usually on Latex I use ...
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Diacritics rendered differently by pdflatex, luatex, and XeLaTeX

I'm using diacritics, and notice that pdflatex, lualatex, and xelatex place the diacritics differently. For example, in pdflatex, \d{C} results in a dot precisely under the C, as it should appear. ...
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Highlighting diacritical marks and making optional bounding boxes

For a specific selected diacritical mark within the word, how can you apply either all or one of the text formatting options below: highlighting coloring Underlining Changing to Bold Changing to ...
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Check for missing fonts/characters in XeLaTeX?

Because I began to use many Unicode characters (Japanese, some unusual diacritics, etc.) I switched from LaTeX to XeLaTeX to render my documents. Unfortunately, if a font is missing, the letters are ...
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