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How to display license information in current language using doclicense package?

I'm working in a template and I want to use the doclicense package and I want it to display license information accordingly to the current language. Unfortunately, for some reason, it is not doing as ...
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Package doclicense error for version 2.0

I want to print CC text and logo in bottom of first page of my latex cls template but it returns error for version 2.0. ( or (https://creativecommons....
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How can I specify a CC0 1.0 license with doclicense?

I'm loading doclicense as follows \usepackage[ type={CC}, modifier={0}, version={1.0} ]{doclicense} I am not sure 0 is a good modifier. Anyway, on Overleaf I get an "Error: License ...
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doclicense incompatibility with pdfmanagement

Package doclicense is now incompatible with the new pdfmanagement when the latter is, as I understand it, invoked automatically by the \DocumentMetadata command. And the cause seems to be that ...
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