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Making a cropped paragraph-sized document

I see ways to make a standalone equation, like here, but I want to have a little bit more than that. I want to make something like \begin{document} Blah blah blah. \begin{equation*} F(V, ...
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Fixed layout in LaTeX (TeX4ht)

Is this possible to do FixedLayout from LaTeX to HTML/EPUB conversion? If the answer is yes, please advise how to do... Thanks to all....
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Document with page dimensions (esp. height) determined by size of image to be included (how to create)?

I am working on an enormous project that will be completed in several stages. The first step is to compile many screenshots or other images into a single document, where there would be one image per ...
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Extremely large PDF file after converting

I am writing my thesis, which is currently approx 30 pages long. When I convert it to a PDF-file, the file size is 52.3 MB, which is unbelievably big. I have used 14 images, in which I have rescaled ...
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Adding latex to existing pdf document?

I would like to import a pdf document and add additional code on top of the image (the pdf). I can write over figures by the overpic package. The problem is that I would like my compiled latex file to ...
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How to deal with big documents? [duplicate]

I'm writing my PhD thesis using LaTeX. The text is becoming bigger and I'd like to know the LaTeX experts' opinion. What's the best way to deal with a big document and why? A single .tex file (thesis....
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Compile multiple .tex files to one file

I am making a math formulary collection but the file is getting too big and too long! So i was wondering if it is possible to make a .tex for for multiplication and one .tex file for division. And ...
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