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Where does dvipdfm look for font .pfb files?

Where does dvipdfm (version 0.13.2c on Windows) look for font .pfb files? It looks in the current working directory, but I have not managed to make it look elsewhere (specifically, in the /TeX/fonts ...
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Texts are misaligned with respect to the plot when using gnuplot, latex and dvipdfm; what is the solution?

When I use the following gnuplot code and then compile the generated tex file with latex and dvipdf commands, I simply get what I want. gnuplot code: set terminal epslatex standalone set output "...
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dvi->PDF crashes (WinEdt v5.3, Windows 10)

I just installed the current version of MiKTeX and also did the "check for updates" from the MiKTeX console, which updated several packages. I can compile my TeX file, and view it in Yap, ...
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Space after subsection

In some part of my thesis, there appears in a space after subsection while it seems fine in the rest subsections. While hit-and-trying for reducing the space after that particular subsection, I remove ...
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Header "List of Tables" in the following page

I have written my thesis using \documentclass[a4paper,12pt,twoside, openany]{ThesisStyle}, where ThesisStyle is a custom documentclass. After compiling, the header of List of Tables appears in the ...
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Misplaced images when run dvi to pdf

I compile with latex and when I run dvi to pdf the images are misplaced (see atach). Instead when I run dvi to ps to pdf the images are corrected place. please, any person can help me? \...
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Fixing paths in a legacy dvi file

I have a legacy book written in LaTeX for which I have all sources, eps figures, and the final dvi file. I have to produce a pdf for the book that matches the original book published in paper. Since ...
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Why the picture is showing in half while I am converting dvi to pdf?

Respected Everyone. Hello. I am not a beginner as well as not so expert also. Past few months I am writing a book in latex. It is an MCQ problem book in mathematics for which I am using latex ...
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What is the difference beween all the paths from tex to pdf file? Which one is better?

There are several ways to get from a TeX source file to a PDF file using LaTeX: LaTeX to dvi to pdf (via dvipdf or dvipdfm or dvipdfmx). LaTeX to dvi to ps to pdf (via DviPs followed by ps2pdf). ...
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Missing kanji with platex/dvipdf

I'm trying to compile a document with platex, but certain kanji do not show up at all in the resulting pdf. \documentclass{jsarticle} % unless I have this line, I get ascii mojibake for some reason \...
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dvipdf creates 2MB PDF on one machine, 7MB PDF on another [closed]

First - I don't know anything about TeX itself, I'm just trying to get other people's .tex file to work. I'm trying to get the following to work (from looking at the Makefile): A process creates a ....
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{lslide} {bbding} ERROR dvipdf

I have the following problem.When I use lslide package togeahther with bbding (to be able to use \RightHand character) I get the following error when translating from dvi to pdf. $ dvipdf random.dvi ...
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Figure ok in dvi but a mess in pdf and ps

Apologies - this is my first time posting and I'm having trouble figuring out how to put multiple images WITH the correct descriptions! So I've just put 2 - the one with the figure nicely positioned ...
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Tikz: Drawing lines with \draw[opacity = 0] produces .dvi files in which the lines are visible

Here's my MWE: \documentclass[11pt]{article} \usepackage{pgf,tikz} \begin{document} \begin{figure} \begin{tikzpicture} % Bounding box coordinates \coordinate (q) at (1, 0); \...
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dvipdfm.def not found

Recently, I had to flash my hard drive and reinstall the operating systems. I chose to install Ubuntu 13.10. However, when I compile my LaTeX document, I get the following error: ! LaTeX Error: File `...
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How to get the proper position for eps graphs using dvipdfm? [closed]

After a MikTeX update in the middle of October, the dvipdfm utility does not put eps graphs to correct place. The graphs are shifted with respect to their captions, parts of graphs may disappear. The ...
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How to compare two TeX codes and mark differences with color

I would like to find easy tool, which compares two TeX codes and generates a PDF file of the first code, in which the differences from the second code are marked by a given color. I use winedt 7.0 ...
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Why Horizontal Line in LaTex->dvi->ps->pdf is Thicker than LaTex->dvi->pdf? [duplicate]

I try to use this line in both chains of compiling: \rule{6 cm}{0.02 cm} but in LaTex->dvi->ps->pdf is thick even if I make 0.02cm lower while in LaTex->dvi->pdf is a nice slim line which I need. ...
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Diffuse russian text

I use some russian text in my file and when I compile it to pdf text becomes diffuse and transparent. How can I fix it? (To compile source file I use latex + dvipdfm, MikTex version 2.9) This is my ...
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Font type changes after using the command dvipdf dummy.dvi

When I try to change my document type from dvi to pdf, font type changes. To show this change, hereby I put two pictures from the dvi and pdf files, respectively. I use this preamble in my document: ...
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page "x" may be too complex to print error

When I use the command dvipdf dummy.dvi to convert it from dvi to pdf, I get this error for some pages "x". Could anybody help me on this please?
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How do I avoid Type3 fonts when submitting to ManuscriptCentral

I am trying to submit a publication to ManuscriptCentral. All I am allowed to do is to submit my tex file and any missing packages (it seems to have a fair selection of standard packages) and it will ...
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dvipdfm OR dvipdfmx OR dvipdft?

I freshly installed LaTeX on my computer using the ProTeXt bundle. I was able to install everything smoothly, but the program TexStudio didn't auto-configure, like the manual said it would. Using ...
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