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Emacs Lisp is the extension language for the GNU Emacs text editor, and in fact, most of the functionality of Emacs is implemented using Emacs Lisp. Users generally customize Emacs' behavior by adding Emacs Lisp statements to their .emacs, or writing separate packages.

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How can I color parentheses depending on the nesting level (like emacs' rainbow-delimiters)?

Is it possible to have a custom setup for lstlistings for LISP-like languages and have matching parentheses coloured with a same colour taken from a palette? What I am looking for is something like ...
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limiting align-current in LaTeX-mode

When working on a LaTeX document in Emacs align-current aligns & and \\, but does so for entire sections at a time. Anyone have any idea as to how one limits its range (in a new macro) to say the ...
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Cannot form a string with a backslash in it when editing a template in yasnippet using lisp command

I am writing a template with yasnippet. Writing a equation in latex using {eqnarray} means I will cite it somewhere so I will give it a label. When using {eqnarray*}, there don't need to be a label. ...
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Emacs-AucTex - Preview-PDF2DSC exited abnormally with code 127 - I can't see preview-latex

Context: I am a Newbee on Emacs and AucTex. I just get started several days ago and installed some packages as some tutorials go along. I installed some packages: company, swiper, auctec, auto-...
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