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15 votes
1 answer

Custom positions of author names, affiliations and emails in LaTeX article

I'm looking for custom positions of author names, affiliations and emails in LaTeX article. I want to have email immediately below the affiliations rather than in the footnote like this. ...
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1 answer

Multiple Author and email with location?

I am trying to add multiple Author with their email and location but not working. I am trying to get something like this first_person^1 , second person^2, third_person^3 {1^mail, 2^...
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112 votes
11 answers

How to send an email with LaTeX

Risking of this question being closed, I'm just wondering if any of your use ---or know--- of any email platform that supports writing in LaTeX. I made a quick search around the site and found this ...
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4 votes
1 answer

acmart: ugly email addresses -- how to avoid line breaking?

acmart is creating very ugly line breaks in some of my colleagues' email addresses, and I don't know how to fix this since things like \small (to reduce font size) and \hbox (to avoid line breaking) ...
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2 votes
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RevTeX 4.1 - How to change default \email footnote symbol from lettering to an asterisks

Publication requires an email footnote on the title page for the corresponding author denoted by an asterisk. Using \email below the corresponding author's name successfully creates the required ...
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2 votes
2 answers

LuaLaTeX KOMA scrlttr2 without E-Mail:

I made a letter with scrlttr2 KOMA script and activated fromemail=on but that brings up the pre E-Mail: in the line of the email that looks like this: E-Mail: [email protected]. Now I don't like the pre ...
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1 answer

How to change the email footnote symbols to math symbols in the APS revtex?

How to change the email footnote symbol shown below "*" to some other math symbols, such as the symbol with subscript "b$_1$", "b$_2$", "c$_3$", "a$_4$&...
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1 answer

adding email under author affiliation

How can I reformat the following so that it looks like below NAACL: ​%\author{Mona Jalal \\ % Computer Science Department \\ Boston University \\ % {\tt [email protected]} \\\And % Kate K. Mays, Lei ...
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1 answer

How to bind mailto to this PushButton onclick action in PDF form?

I want to send email with the action of the link in the pdf form. I added action=mailto:... into the PushButton, after onclick but I am not sure if you should bind mailto on the onclick somehow ...
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