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tabularray: Use `caption` package to format table caption while typesetting tables without caption or LOT entry

I am writing a longer document divided into \frontmatter and \mainmatter using the scrbook class. While both a table caption and a LOT entry should be generated for tables provided in the mainmatter, ...
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Latex3: Passing empty token list to another command and detecting it as empty token list

I am sorting some tokens in a token list using the nice features of latex3 (see below command \nom). These tokens can be sometimes empty, and when they are empty they would trigger different ...
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ifmtarg testing a macro that is empty?

The following code works as expected: \NewDocumentCommand{\checker}{m}{\@ifmtarg{#1}{empty}{not empty}} \checker{} % Prints "empty" \checker{x} % Prints "not empty" However, how ...
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Colorize column based on cell values, automatically detecting min and max, ignoring empty cells

Extending on the brilliant (!!!) solution provided by muzimuzhi Z here:,: could we have a capability to ignore empty/non-numeric cells in a column, and ...
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unexpected blank page around the end of the PDF file based on Computational Linguistics class file updated

The PDF is printed on both sides. The thing is, the compilation produced an unexpected blank page, i.e. p53. The strange thing is that a footnote supposed to be on the last but one page, appears on ...
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Fill empty space inside a tcolorbox

I have two images side by side in a tcolorbox, one horizontal and one vertical with an empty dotted line below each one. I would like to "push down" the line in the second (right) image so ...
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