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Set properties such as label color in etaremune

I would like to set the properties of etaremune the same way I could easily do with enumitem for enumerate, as the label color for instance. The code below shows an example with red-color labels in ...
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Change labels in etaremune

In the package enumerate I can set the label using \begin{enumerate}[label={[\arabic*]}]. However, if I try this in etaremune (provides a reverse list) I get the following error Package xkeyval Error:...
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How to get noitemsep with etaremune?

I have a document with lots of \begin{enumerate}[noitemsep] \item ... \end{enumerate} but want to change that to reverse numbering. Great, the etaremune (funny name ;) ) package does this, but ...
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Indentation in etaremune

I am using etaremune package for my CV. Below is sample code as described in: enumitem newlist with etaremune \documentclass[11pt]{article} % This is a helpful package that puts math inside length ...
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Change only one label in an etaremune list without affecting the numbering

I am using the package etarenume to make lists with decreasing labels instead of increasing. I am also using certain style for the labels, that I define locally for each list as follow: \...
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How to skip items in reverse enumerations?

I'm using the etaremune package to create a reverse enumeration and I would like to be able to alter the counter so that an item is skipped but the enumeration still ends at 1. \documentclass{article}...
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Enumeration style with letters but overlapping

I'd like to use letter style enumeration for two running lists, combined into one. The two lists have letter enumeration J-journals and C-conference. Code and output below for the two lists. Once ...
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Why does etaremune start from zero on some lists in a document?

I used the lines (shown below) in a document repeatedly to generate lists of items in reverse order in each list. I want each list to start with number 1. After several lists. Some lists had a ...
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Etaremune with resume class

I am using the etaremune package with the resume class. They don't seem to cooperate in the sense that the numbering of the entries in etarumene is the same it is with enumerate. Here the etaremune ...
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How to modify labels on some (not all) etaremune items

Similar to this question about enumerated items, how to do the same thing for the etaremune items? Say, the default 'etaremune' output is: fourth third (I mean '3', not '5') second (I mean '2') ...
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Is it possible to break and resume in a reversed list (like etaremune)?

I am trying to find a way to break and resume using a reversed list. It seems that the environment etaremune and the option resume are not compatible. Is there something I can do? Thanks.
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reverse enumerate with brackets

I would like to list my publications like this: [3] [2] [1] I found a solution to the brackets, using \begin{enumerate}[label={[\arabic*]}] and to the inverse numbering, with etarenume. But if ...
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