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Expandable Substring inside an ifboolexpr

Seeking understanding of how to expand a substring so the value can be evaluated within ifboolexpr from etoolbox package - As a relative newbie to latex (only using it for the past 18 months), I'm ...
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hyperref / etextools incompatibility?

My document uses both hyperref and etextools. Up until today, they appeared to be playing nicely; however a new command seems to have introduced a conflict somewhere. The MWE below is a greatly ...
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\BeforeEndgroup similar to \AfterGroup?

Is there a command similar to etextools' \AfterGroup which allows to execute a number of commands right before, not after the current group ends?
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Compatibility issue between `forest` and `etextools` [duplicate]

I have the following versions of the forest and etextools packages: Package: forest 2015/07/15 v1.0.10 Drawing (linguistic) trees Package: etextools 2010/12/07 v3.1415926 e-TeX more useful tools for ...
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etextools throws error when run with LuaLaTex

I was trying to use the etextools package with LuaLaTeX and ran into the following error ! String contains an invalid utf-8 sequence. l.233 \csdef{ettl@ifdef#2}##1#1##2/End ...
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package incompatibility: csvsimple & etextools

The following code fails to compile: \documentclass{beamer} \usepackage{csvsimple} \usepackage{etextools} \begin{document} Hello! \end{document} The error message is ! LaTeX Error: Command \...
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