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{europasscv} is a LaTeX implementation of a model for cur­ric­ula vi­tae as rec­om­mended by the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion for the new cv version from 2013.

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Europass CV \href in personal info

I'm trying to use \href command in the homepage \ecvhomepage section of EuropassCV. Following is a MWE: % !TEX encoding = UTF-8 % !TEX program = pdflatex % !TEX spellcheck = en_GB \documentclass[...
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How can I add skype adress in my europasscv? [duplicate]

I am using this code to build my cv. I would like to add my skype adress with its symbol. How can I do ? % !TEX encoding = UTF-8 % !TEX program = pdflatex % !TEX spellcheck = en_GB \documentclass[...
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How do I change the color of the icons in europasscv?

I'm trying to create a CV in Latex using the europasscv document class. I've managed to change the color or the section and and highlights but I don't know how i can change the color of the icons from ...
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How to change the header and spacing in Europasscv?

I am using europasscv format for my CV and I wanted to adjust a few things in it. This is the example CV in overleaf: How can I move my name on the top where Curriculum vita is written just in the ...
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Starting bullet item on the same line

In Europass CV format I am using EcvItemize layout within the ‘ItemInset’ (Insert -> Custom Insets -> BlueItemInset) The out output result is: Here is the code for Image 1 \ecvblueitem{Skills}{ \...
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europasscv how to add a second address (eventually with icon)

I would like to add a second address line to personal info of europasscv template, if possible with the same logo of the first one. Which would be the better solution? \begin{document} \begin{...
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Extra bracket error, europasscv + biblatex

Am trying to use europasscv and biblatex with the publications split into categories, but get an error. pdflatex <file> [...] ! Argument of \end has an extra }. <inserted text> ...
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europasscv - trying to create table

I'm trying to get a table within to make better use of space, and avoid all the white space on the right, but I get big gaps. This gives me a big huge space \begin{tabular}{m{1cm} m{1cm}|m{1cm}} \...
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EuropassCV: Removing the square and links

The EuropassCV template is a nice template for writing CVs. I would like to do the following modifications to suit my needs: Removing all links to mails/webpages, so that it becomes just a plain, ...
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EuropassCV: How to replace ugly "europass"-logo with some custom text?

For international applications I use this europasscv-template. However, many personell managers do not like Europass-templates because they are looking extremely corny and kitschy (what I can ...
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How to use hyperref pdftitle in europasscv?

I want to have pdftitle marking frontend window label correctly. Code % Do not have inputenc, since it is loaded with europecv/... package so defininig ...
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How to remove the footnote in Europass cv

I have seen that notitle helps in removing the title in Europass CV but not sure how to remove this in Europass CV. Any help?
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how to add marital status in Europasscv?

i had already checked this question "how to add skype icon/ place of birth in Europasscv" but it's looking too complicated. i really don't have idea how to add marital status in Europasscv. i just ...
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Use custom font in newest Europass CV layout

I'm using XeLaTeX to make my Europass CV, because I want to use a custom system font. I've used the package europecv without any problem before understanding it gets me the old CV layout. \...
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Change the section color in europasscv "PERSONAL INFORMATION"

For changing the color of section titles I do this in europasscv: \newcommand{\mycvsection}[1]{\ecvsection{\textcolor{black}{#1}}} This way the section title is black when I use: \mycvsection{...
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Generate a Europass XML file from ModernCV

Is it possible to generate a Europass XML file from my ModernCV LaTeX document, in order to attach it to the resulting CV PDF file? Using the online Europass CV creation tool, I can generate the XML ...
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