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Any way to separate final Answer and Solution?

I am using exam package to typeset few problems along with its solutions. \question Evaluate $\int \frac{x^{4}}{x^{2}+1} d x$ \begin{solution} Solution: $\int \frac{\mathrm{x}^{4}}{\mathrm{x}^{2}+1} \...
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Generate n-many sets of exam by choosing question from m-many banks

This question is an extension of the topic discussed in Generate exam from a question bank?. What I want is as follows: I have three question banks: BankA.tex, BankB.tex and BankC.tex which have three ...
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Get get the nth question from bankA.tex?

I found a great code to get n random questions from bankA.tex Generate exam from a question bank? But I only need to get an nth question in bankA? for example: \getquestionsfrombank{bankA.tex}{6}, ...
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What's the best way to adapt this to question-solution environment?

I have a full document with about 200 questions, set up using the enumerate package. \begin{enumerate}[Q1.] % Q1 - Q5 \item XXXXXXXXX \item XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX \item XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX \...
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Ubuntu cannot find latex package

Though texlive-latex-extra is already there, still Ubuntu 18.04 says the package exercisebank is not found. apt-cache search exercise The above returns nothing. How to solve the issue ?
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How to add exercise points to package exercisebank?

Exercisebank has in version 0.2.0 no build-in way of handling points. How do you add a point system to the part problems in exercisebank? E.g. In an exercise-file, I would like to do \begin{problem} ...
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Vertical separation in package exercisebank and compilation

The vertical space that is created by the package is very big. I need to minimize it as much as possible. I need your help again. I also have the following problem: After the change of the exercise ...
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Indentation in package exercisebank

In using the package exercisebank, is it possible for "Exercise" header, "intro" material and "problem" numbers to start at the same column of the text? For example, the package prints Exersise 1 ...
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xsim slow with external files

I'm using the package xsim for writing exercises. The exercises are stored in external files and when I use several files, the latex compilation is slow. It is at least 3-4 minutes. The exercises ...
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How to input certain puzzles from a collection?

I'm building a database of math puzzles that each TEX file gathers puzzles in one year such as 2017.tex may have 10 of them, each puzzle and its solution with a label. Now I give talks and want to ...
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