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Questions tagged [floats]

{floats} is about the floating environments figure, table and other, custom-defined floats, and concerns issues such as positioning, labelling, captioning, indexing and listing of said floats. For questions specifically about formatting a float caption, consider using {captions}.

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728 votes
2 answers

How to influence the position of float environments like figure and table in LaTeX?

How to influence the position of float environments like figure and table in LaTeX? This is a general question and should collect useful answers for all users. I hope we can use this as a reference
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677 votes
6 answers

Force figure placement in text

I have a problem when a lot of figures are in question. Some figures tend to "fly around", that is, be a paragraph below, although I placed them before that paragraph. I use code: \begin{figure}[ht] \...
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509 votes
4 answers

LaTeX figures side by side [duplicate]

I want to place 2 images side by side in LaTeX. I have 2 .png files and I don't understand how to do it in LaTeX. I have tried many ways but could not get a good result.
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397 votes
8 answers

Keeping tables/figures close to where they are mentioned

Is there any package or a method to force LaTeX to keep floating environments like table and figure closer to where they are declared?
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335 votes
3 answers

Should I use center or centering for figures and tables?

What is the correct way to center figures and tables (figure, table)? \begin{center} ... \end{center} or \begin{centering} ... \end{centering}
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330 votes
13 answers

Using \footnote in a figure's \caption

Maybe this is an easy one, but I struggled with this now too long :) I want to have a footnote in a caption of a figure, see the example. \begin{figure}[!ht] \caption{a figure caption\footnote{...
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281 votes
4 answers

Center figure that is wider than \textwidth

I have a figure that is wider than the \textwidth of my document. (I don't want to change the \textwidth.) As a result, the leftmost part of the figure is flush with the left margin, while the ...
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276 votes
1 answer

Displaying a wide figure in a two-column document [duplicate]

It's my first time working with a two-column document (declared as an argument to \documentclass) and I need to put in a very wide figure. The thing is, LaTeX puts it bounded by a column so it either (...
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269 votes
4 answers

Two figures side by side

How can I put two figures side-by-side? Not two sub-figures, but two actual figures with separate "Fig.: bla bla" captions. A figure is supposed to spread over the entire text width, but I have two ...
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254 votes
4 answers

Changing the font size in a table

What's the recommend way of changing the font size in a particular table? Is there a better way than enclosing all values with, for example, the \tiny function.
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247 votes
4 answers

Continuous v. per-chapter/section numbering of figures, tables, and other document elements

Some document elements (e.g., figures in the book class) are numbered per chapter (figure 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, ...). How can I achieve continuous numbering (figure 1, 2, 3, ...)? And vice versa: Some ...
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221 votes
4 answers

How do I ensure that figures appear in the section they're associated with?

Often floats may land quite a bit later in the document than the point they are created, sometimes after a section break. Is there a way to force a new section to start on a new page, after any ...
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217 votes
5 answers

Reduce space between enumerated items

Background All book figures are set to "here definitely" (as they must come after the text that introduces them). Problem The list types (enumerated and bullet) have too much space between them. ...
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191 votes
2 answers

Why is \newpage ignored sometimes ?

I have the following towards the end of an article. The bibliography is short (4 entries). What's happening is that on the very last page of document I get the chart and immediately afterwards the ...
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188 votes
4 answers

Force LaTeX image to appear in the section in which it's declared [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: How do I ensure that figures appear in the section they're associated with? Keeping tables/figures close to where they are mentioned How can I force an image in a LaTeX ...
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187 votes
6 answers

Why should a table caption be placed above the table?

In the papers I read the caption in figure floats is placed below the figure and in table floats the caption is placed above the table. I recognize that this is a common style that a lot of people ...
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180 votes
8 answers

How can I get the figures not to be pushed to the end of the document?

For some reason, my figures get pushed to the end of the document. I tried begin{figure}[t], [h] and other options, but none helped. Any ideas how to get the figures to appear much earlier in the ...
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176 votes
3 answers

subcaption vs. subfig: Best package for referencing a subfigure

On this question, a comment by Martin H says: that one should forget about the subfigure and subfig packages and use subcaption. As subfig replaces subfigure, no argument there. I am currently using ...
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150 votes
2 answers

What does [t] and [ht] mean?

I would appreciate if someone could tell me difference between [t] and [ht] in the following example? I don't see a difference in the output pdf file. \begin{figure}[ht] ... \end{figure} and \begin{...
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146 votes
3 answers

What is the correct way to center a \tikzpicture? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should I use center or centering for figures and tables? What is the correct way to cause a \tikzpicture to be centered? By default it appears to be aligned with the left ...
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144 votes
3 answers

Change caption name of figures

How can I modify the caption name of a figure? For example I have \caption{This is a figure.} and by default the caption appears as Figure 1: This is a figure. However I want Fig.1 - This is ...
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143 votes
3 answers

How to use the placement options [t], [h] with figures? [duplicate]

I want to control the placement of figures. The paper that I am currently writing contains a lot of figures, resulting in some figures ending up in the bibliography section. Therefore I want to ...
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138 votes
7 answers

Custom margin settings for figure in LaTeX [duplicate]

I have a fairly large figure in a LaTeX document. This figure is too large for the left and right margin of the document. This results in the figure being placed flush with the left margin, and way ...
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137 votes
2 answers

Table and figure side-by-side with independent captions

Looking to put a table and a figure side by side so that the table and figure have their own captions. A crude sketch ------------ ----------------- TABLE | a | b | ...
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130 votes
2 answers

How to include a picture over two pages, left part on left side, right on right (for books)?

When writing a long book (from 300 to over a 1000 pages), there is often need to include large pictures and one wishes to have them displayed over two pages, left half on the left page, right half on ...
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129 votes
7 answers

Change figure numbering for appendix

I want to "reset" the figure counting in my document when the appendix starts, and follow a different pattern than 1, 2, 3... Specifically, I want figures in the appendix to start with A.1, A.2 onward,...
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128 votes
2 answers

How to fix table position

Table does not show up at the same position it was inserted in the TeX file. I got the understanding through bit of reading on this forum that they are floats and they pick the best place on the ...
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118 votes
4 answers

How can I modify vertical space between figure and caption?

\documentclass{article} \usepackage[draft]{graphicx} \begin{document} \begin{figure} \centering \setlength\fboxsep{124pt} \setlength\fboxrule{1pt} \fbox{\includegraphics{dummy}} \caption{Dummy caption}...
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116 votes
4 answers

Clearpage without pagebreak?

Is there a command which does the same like \clearpage (typesetting all floats which have not been typeset yet) but then does not insert a pagebreak but continues with the following text/graphics on ...
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114 votes
2 answers

How to make a figure span on two columns in a scientific paper?

If I just try to set the figure's size to 0.9\textwidth my figure will just end up on the right column, sized to be two-columns wide. Has anyone done this before?
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109 votes
1 answer

Reference to a figure uses the section's number

One of my sections seems to be using the section number rather than the appropriate figure number for \ref's that point to figures. (Theorems and the like work fine.) As far as I can tell, there's ...
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108 votes
3 answers

How to reference the page of a figure?

Is it possible to make a reference to the page where a figure is rendered? I would like to write something like see figure~\ref{figure-xyz} on page NN where NN will automatically be maintained by ...
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106 votes
3 answers

How to use figure inside a minipage?

I'm trying to include an image, and keep it centered, and prevent from wrapping from the next page. The following code works for that: \begin{minipage}{\textwidth} \begin{center} Caption ...
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103 votes
2 answers

`h' float specifier changed to `ht' warning when not attempting to specify a float

I'm new to LaTeX and trying to understand the reason why I'm getting the warning: `h' float specifier changed to `ht' I'm not attempting to change the float property of anything - the warning is ...
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99 votes
5 answers

Too many unprocessed floats

I'm trying to a large number of figures. The code is \begin{figure} \includegraphics[scale=0.5]{m2T4.pdf} \caption{M2T, Problem Size 513} \end{figure} I'm not able to compile, I get the error ! ...
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99 votes
3 answers

Avoid page breaks in \lstlistings

I'm trying to avoid page breaks in my lstlisting (seen in section 0.0.2) I know I can remedy this by floating my lstlisting, but it adds some unwanted white space (seen in section 0.0.1). Is there ...
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98 votes
2 answers

How can I reduce padding after figure?

\documentclass{mwrep} \usepackage[draft]{graphicx} \usepackage{hyperref} \usepackage[all]{hypcap} \makeatletter \g@addto@macro\@floatboxreset\centering \makeatother I use figures with captions. \...
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97 votes
2 answers

Insert multiple figures in Latex

I need to insert 10 figures (in two columns- side by side) in LaTeX that will have one global caption, but also I need to name each figure (1a, 1b, 1c, ... ect.). So they will look like: 1a ...
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97 votes
5 answers

avoid that figure gets its own page

I have a couple of floats in my document, which contain large Images (it consumes the half of the page). In this case, the figure get's its own page and no text goes on this page. How can I configure ...
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93 votes
1 answer

Split subfigures over multiple pages

I have the following code for a Figure with 4 subfigures: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{caption} \usepackage{subcaption} \begin{document} \begin{figure}[b] \...
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1 answer

how to turn latex figure by 90 degrees along with the caption? [duplicate]

The following code rotates the figure as I want to, so now my Y axis is parallel to the shorter edge of my A4 sheet. However, my caption is still parallel to the shorter edge of my sheet. How can I ...
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92 votes
2 answers

How to change the spacing between figures/tables and text?

I was wondering if there is any way to lessen the spaces between figures and text. In my paper I have a lot of figures (graphics) and it is inconvenient for me to have default (large) spaces between ...
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88 votes
2 answers

Beamer Presentation: Figure has no number?

I am giving a presentation and therefore I am using the beamer class. I have included some figures and it works, but there is no number after "Figure". My code: \documentclass{beamer} \usepackage{...
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85 votes
6 answers

making a table fit on a page by moving it left

I have a table where the last columns fall off the page. Instead of making the text smaller I would like the table to not adhere to the margin of where it begins. I would like to move it to the left. ...
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84 votes
6 answers

Putting two images beside each other

If I want to put two images beside each other, what should I do? I have inserted a figure. But, rather than having the next figure on a new line, I want it to be beside the already inserted figure. ...
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79 votes
3 answers

How to place a table on a new page with landscape orientation without clearing the current page?

I'd like to place a table on a new page with landscape orientation. To do so, I use \usepackage{pdflscape} ... \pagestyle{empty} \begin{landscape} \begin{table}[htbp] \begin{center} \begin{tabular}{...
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3 answers

multicol and figures

I have a two column document (using multicol) and want to insert figures so that they do NOT span columns. I have searched around and the only thing I can find says that only figure* is supported ...
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3 answers

Is it possible to scale an entire \begin{figure}?

I have a bunch of LaTeX-output from Gnuplot which I would really like to leave alone. Is there an easy way of scaling an entire figure? Something like \includegraphics[scale=0.5]{...} but just for ...
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75 votes
3 answers

Turning off and on images in figures

Is it possible to prevent the contents of a figure from being rendered? I have a large book document, and to speed up compiling while working on a draft, I would like to have some way of ignoring the ...
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1 answer

How to control the position of floating images? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Keeping tables/figures close to where they are mentioned I want to make it like this: text image text image But even if I put [h!] to the position the figures, the figure is ...
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