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Questions tagged [flyers]

Use this tag if your question is about flyer layout and how to achieve this with LaTeX.

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How to create tear-off stubs at the RIGHT SIDE of a page

I want to create a flyer with tear-off stubs, as they are provided by the stubs package. But I want the stubs to appear on the right margin of the page (in landscape mode). The package only seems to ...
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Template for event posters

LaTeX is not very much used for creating event posters: that is, posters for publicising an event (as instead of academic posters). Applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape are usually ...
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Convert a6 flyer in printable leaflet on a4

I would like to print a leaflet of flyer in a6 format. Therefore, I would like to convert it to a double-sided a4 document, that I can print double-sided, cut in half and fold. It is important, to get ...
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How to make a half-sheet flyer to be cut apart?

I want to make flyers that are 8.5'' * 5.5'' in size (i.e., half of a US letter sheet of paper), which I can cut apart and hand out. So I did this: \documentclass[landscape,60pt]{memoir} \usepackage[...
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How to create a flyer with this layout?

I want to create a flyer with eight subpages inside a page, where all 8 pages must have borders. Which package should I focus on learning for this purpose?
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Tex template for "Call for Papers" [closed]

I need to prepare a 'Call for Papers' document for an academic conference. Is there any LaTeX template or TeX examples which can help me prepare a Call for Papers doc easily? I am looking to make a ...
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Publicity Poster

I am looking for a good poster class for latex. Googling gave only conference posters. This is for a program. Is there any specific classes for it. Or I need to stick to conference poster
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Leaflet margins to compensate printer margins

Leaflet provides a convenient way to build flyers in LaTeX. However, I've run into a problem where I could not figure out how to adjust the page margins in order to compensate for the printer margins. ...
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Creating flyers in LaTeX

This has bugged me for a while. Are there any packages/templates/methodologies for effectively creating flyers in LaTeX? Just in case there's some ambiguity in my terminology, I'm looking to create ...
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