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Questions tagged [flyspell]

Flyspell enables on-the-fly spell checking in Emacs by the means of a minor mode (called Flyspell).

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How to spellcheck multi-language LaTeX files?

Continuing and How can I make AUCTeX spell check in the language specified by babel and ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Flyspell-babel warning: no dictionary installed for foreignlanguage

I am trying to get Peter Heslin's ispell-multi.el and flyspell-babel.el working with the custom commands: \newcommand{\fli}[1]{\foreignlanguage{latin}{\textit{#1}}} \newcommand{\fl}[1]{\...
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Ispell in Emacs without a middle mouse button

Ispell/Flyspell in Emacs uses the mouse middle button to activate the context menu for a misspelled word. The problem is that my laptop doesn't have a middle button. So is there any way to tell Ispell ...
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Changing language of flyspell (Emacs) with a shortcut

I'm using the following code to launch flyspell when I edit LaTeX files with Emacs+AUCTeX. (if (file-exists-p "/usr/bin/hunspell") (progn (setq ispell-program-name "hunspell") (eval-...
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