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{gradetable} is a command of the {exam} document class.

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Customising gradetable to group multiple-choice into 1 column with the `exam` class

I have written an exam with 2 Sections, the first of which contains 4 multiple choice questions and the 2nd contains Q5-7 which are free response with various parts. Below is what I get using the ...
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Why is the gradetable wrong when creating multiple named exams?

I have many students in my class and would like to provide each of them with a named exam. However with the following approach the gradetable, total number of questions and total number of points are ...
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Using the result that is generated later on the first page

The exam class allows one to generate a gradetable that is dynamically generated depending on the number of questions, like so \documentclass[addpoints,12pt]{exam} \begin{document} \multirowgradetable{...
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Exam gradetable with bonus column

We want to add bonus questions to our exams but not as a separate section but instead of a question number. Is this possible without manipulating the exam package? \documentclass[addpoints]{exam} \...
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How to include the question number to the gradetable in an exam?

For an exam, each problem is named. So I would like to include the question in the grade table including question number and name left-aligned. With the following example, the questions are centred ...
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Modify grade table in exam class so that all questions have the same points

Is it possible to manually change the individual question points so that all questions have the same points? I don't want to allocate a specific point in \question[].? I know how to force the total ...
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Exam Class gradetable - reporting average score?

I sometimes post my old exams, and I think that these would be more useful as reference documents if the grade table on the front page reported the average score for each question (from the year that ...
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How to sum up question parts for the score tables?

Good day, I'm making a customized grading table for the exam class. In particular, I want to delete the first column and append a new one to the end. It seemed that creating a new table altogether ...
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Adding a question category and make it appear in the gradetable in exam class

We want to categorize the questions in our exams according to the learning outcomes. Each question will have one or more category numbers. And these numbers should appear in the grade table. For ...
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Grade table too long within exam document class

I'm creating my own exam paper and I have 15 different questions. Using the code \gradetable[h][questions] I'm getting a grade table. However as I have so many questions the table it too big I'm ...
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Add an extra row to grade table in exam class

Consider the following MWE. \documentclass[addpoints]{exam} \begin{document} \begin{questions} \question [10] First question text. \question [20] Second question text. \end{questions} \...
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Students text from a database

I was searching the internet for a package able to generate a student's exam from a database (e.g. below) taking randomly questions (and shuffling the options, creating a table with the correct ones) ...
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Exam Class - Automatically print a partial grade table on each page?

When writing exams with the exam class, I like to add a partial grade table to each page for just the questions on that page, and then add a final grade table at the end of the exam by page number. ...
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Reset question numbering in exam class without affecting grade table

Purpose: I need to create a document that contains multiple individual exams. I have already applied heavy customisations to the exam class so I wish to continue using it rather than having to start ...
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how do I arrange my gradepoint table customizingly?help me to align

I am having 28 questions in my question paper and I have spilited into 3 sections, How do I make my grade table so that my grade table should contains, And i need the section must be center aligned. ...
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itemize inside tabularx seems to break exam class gradetable

I'm using the exam class. If I use the itemize environment inside a tabularx, LaTeX gives me warnings when I use the gradetable command: LaTeX Warning: Reference `question@1' on page 1 undefined on ...
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Grade table add points error in exam class

In the exam class, I would like to assign points to both the question and the parts of that question. But when generating the grade tables, the points for that question will be two times of the ...
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Generating gradetables with parts using the exam class

I've just started using the exam class to typeset, well, an exam, and when using the \gradetable command to create the final grade table, it only shows me the points at the granularity of a question, ...
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