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[illustrator} concerns the Adobe Illustrator vector-based drawing software

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How to export (and import) latex tables to Illustrator?

I have been working on the figures of my research paper. I have used Latex to create visually and aesthetically pleasing tables. They look quite good, however, I couldn't find a good way to upload ...
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Using OTF to add math equations in Illustrator

Illustrator has been warning me about ending support for Type 1 fonts, but I didn't listen because I had no idea that my Latex fonts were Type 1. Today I opened my document and the font is no longer ...
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Support for Type 1 fonts

I use a script to use LaTeX equations in Adobe Illustrator documents via the standalone document class. Apparently, this produces Type 1 fonts, and recently I got the message that from January 2023 ...
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How to convert a LateX code to Image using a vector template

I want to use illustrator to create a fancier look for my algorithm boxes. Is there any way that I can set a script (or any other way really) to take the algorithmic text on latex and convert it to ...
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Extract coordinates from an EPS file to TikZ

Apologies in advance if the question is off topic. I believe it is proper of TeX and LaTeX Stack Exchange, as it is about TikZ, after all, but if I am mistaken, please redirect me to the proper forum. ...
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Helvetica as font in Tikz

I would like to use Helvetica (regular or italics) in a tikz figure. By specifying the {\familydefault}{\sfdefault} and using the pxfonts package, I am able to obtain kind of the same font: \...
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Included SVG has wrong margins

I am trying to include a svg file using the \includesvg command. The svg file looks like this when opened in Illustrator as it includes some math mode text: Now, I would like the image to use the ...
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How to embedding the clipping values from illustrator image

Here I using cutwin package for clipping images wrap around text and the values of each and every line need manual intervention. I have an illustrator clipping values of the image. Is there any ...
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Matrix bracket font on system? [closed]

When I "place" a page of a LaTeX document into Adobe Illustrator CS6 without "linking" the original file, it attempts to use system fonts (not embedded fonts). As long as I have all the fonts loaded ...
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Some normal letters from included PDF disappear in compiled document

I have made a figure in Adobe Illustrator, and saved the file as a PDF file. This PDF works fine when opened. I want to include this figure in my LaTeX file as a picture, which is done with the ...
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How can I make Illustrator recognize Linux Libertine fonts? [duplicate]

I use MikTeX 2.9/pdfLaTeX on my Windows 7 machine to compile the following document, typeset in Linux Libertine font: \pdfoutput=1 \documentclass{scrreprt} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[T1]{...
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Is it possible to expect pst-solides3d (in the future) to generate gradient mesh?

I have been using pst-solides3d to generate surfaces and then importing them to Adobe Illustrator to turn them into a gradient mesh. The procedure can be time consuming if I want to be very precise, ...
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Latex font not read in Illustrator [closed]

I am having this problem for some time now. I am using the Roboto-Regular and Roboto-Light fonts in my tex documents (Miktex 2.9 on Win7) as per instructions from this site. An example of the .tex ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Illustrator export for Latex

I'm currently searching for a way of creating pictures for a LaTeX document. Currently I'm trying to create the pictures with Adobe Illustrator, but I've got no clue how to import them in an good way ...
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Vector PDF graph become blank after system reinstall

I used illustrator to create vector graphs and saved them as PDF files and used in latex file. I compiled the .tex file with xelatex (I use MikTeX on Windows 7) and everything was OK. The vector ...
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Stix font not in Adobe Illustrator (Windows) [closed]

I compiled my latex document using pdflatex in texstudio. I have already installed the Windows Stix fonts in to the system fonts folder. However when I open the pdf output in Illustrator I get: and ...
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1 answer

The best way to create illustrations for a book, reports, etc

I use LaTeX in Mac for my scientific reports. I want to include illustrations like this: One of my professors recommended DrawPerfect 1.1. It is obvious that he is outdated. I was thinking of using ...
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Illustrator pdfs displaying incorrectly in LaTeX [duplicate]

I've made quite a few images in Illustrator that have gone into LaTeX documents before with no problem, but now I'm having an issue with a graphic that has some gradients in it. I've tried ...
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2 answers

What is a good way to export part of an Adobe Illustrator illustration into latex?

I have an Adobe Illustrator file with 4 figures on it. I want to use these 4 figures separately in a LaTeX document. What would be the best way to do so? Keeping in mind that: I want to keep this ...
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Convert Title Page from LaTeX (or the resulting PDF) into a PNG thumbnail

I have written a book in LaTeX using TeXStudio. My title page, which is the book cover, is created using LaTeX source (including images in it), rather than drawn in a graphical program, such as ...
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12 answers

How do I get mathematical fonts to Illustrator?

I am doing a thesis on graph theory, and I am currently drawing graphs with Illustrator. Vertexes and edges are easy to draw, but how about naming them? How do I get the symbols in image look like ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I prevent pinlabel/postscript errors?

I would like to ask for help with an error caused by some interaction between the pinlabel package and (it seems) Adobe Illustrator CS2. I will describe the situation below; my question simply put is:...
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3 answers

Best Drawing software for engineering/scientific illustrations with LaTeX?

I will be writing my Master's thesis in Aeronautical Engineering and was wondering about the following: I will have lots of illustrations such as parts of aircraft, mechanical components, ...
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2 answers

How do I edit PDF files produced by LaTeX in Illustrator? Fonts are not found

When I try to use Adobe Illustrator (CS4) to edit a PDF file produced by LaTeX with several equations in it, Illustrator complains that it can't find the fonts: The font CMBX10 is missing. Affected ...
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4 answers

Include Adobe Illustrator files (ai) with XeTeX

Adobe Illustrator files are PDF compatible. That is a regular PDF reader, ex. Sumatra-pdf, can open and view them. I was hoping it would be possible to have xetex (with xelatex) and graphicx to ...
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Where can I find computer modern fonts for use in other programs, e.g. Adobe Illustrator?

For some complicated diagrams, I need to use something like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, and would like to include nicely typeset labels. (I'm aware of post-processing solutions, such as pinlabel.) ...
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