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{installing} is for questions regarding the installation of (La)TeX or any editor or other tool related to (La)TeX.

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Installing several versions of a package

Sometimes it would be convenient to have several versions of a package installed at once. For example I’d like to have a development version of TikZ for my own work and the current stable version to ...
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How can I manually install a package on MiKTeX (Windows)

I'm new to LaTeX, investigating using it for some work projects. I'm using MiKTeX on Windows. My employer's locked-down network blocks the application's automatic installation function. I can take ...
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How to install a current version of TikZ?

TikZ is undergoing lots of development with new features being added, but the versions distributed with standard TeX releases are often a little old. How do I get the latest version? If I want to be ...
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Install font in latex results in invisible text when compiling with ‘latex’ [closed]

I tried installing the nimbus font ( in my local texmf tree by following the README provided with the package (and also on the website above). ...
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Installing new packages from ctan through command line or AUCTeX on Mac OS?

I've needed a few new packages for some macros to draw diagrams that I'm working with. I've heard that some LaTeX editors can automatically download the correct packages from CTAN when they're not ...
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How do I get started with LaTeX on Windows XP?

My only knowledge of LaTeX is that it is a markup language that lets me concentrate on the structure of my document rather than its appearance. It uses tags similar to HTML. My problem is that I've ...
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problem with kile installation in fedora 13 + texlive

I recently started using fedora with kde and I want to install kile. But, the version of TeX Live in the official repositories is TeX Live 2007 and I want a more complete and recent version. I tried ...
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Where do I place my own .sty or .cls files, to make them available to all my .tex files?

I know how to define a package or a class, but how do I make it available (to myself) at all times? Say I have the package file commonstuff.sty (or myprettyclass.cls), that I want to be able to ...
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How to install "vanilla" TeXLive on Debian or Ubuntu?

Debian and Ubuntu have very good texlive packaging. But I'd like to use tlmgr to have a more fine-grained control about upgrades and which packages I want to be installed. So how do I install "...
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Installing bibexport on Mac OS X

I recently installed bibexport on my mac (10.5). This command lets you export a small document-specific .bib file using only the references that you cite in that particular document. This is useful ...
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How to keep my TeX Live installation up to date?

What is the recommended way to keep my TeX Live installation up to date? Is there any package manager (like MiKTeX on Windows) that could help me with this? If it helps I'm running on Mac OS X and my ...
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103 votes
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Why is the MacTeX distribution so large? Is there anything smaller for OS X?

I would like to know how to install LaTeX on Mac 10.6 or higher. But the MacTeX is some 1.28 GB file! Is there a smaller distribution I could install? What exactly is TeX Live?
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Where to find nitty-gritty details about TeX and friends' font handling systems?

The current guides online and in texdoc that I could find did not deal with the problem I have. How to generate font metrics for system installed TrueType and OpenType fonts? How to generate font ...
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Installing TTF fonts in LaTeX

One of the annoying aspects of LaTeX is the limited number of fonts that come by default, and the pain involved in making new fonts 'LaTeX' ready. I have a collection of truetype fonts that I'd like ...
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I want to start using LaTeX on Ubuntu. Where do I start?

There are many different kind of options that you can do in order to start using LaTeX on Ubuntu. I would prefer doing that through Eclipse, but if there is a better way of doing it, feel free to ...
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I want to start using LaTeX on Mac OS X. Where do I start?

I want to write my final thesis using LaTeX, what should I do in order to be able to do that through Eclipse on a Mac OS X? If any another good editor exists, feel free to write your opinion on why ...
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