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invoice2 package: Replace VAT with GST

I'm trying to generate an invoice using the invoice2 package. It works (adding items and applying a VAT at a rate I supply). However, I would like the invoice to show "GST" instead of "...
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Monospaced numbers in invoice2

I am trying to make an invoice where the entries are all using ttfamily, in the invoice2 package, but can't seem to get the numbers (as opposed to the table text) in monospace. This is frustrating as ...
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Currency rounding to 5 or 10 in invoice2 with siunitx and scrlttr2

I created a invoice with invoice2 (uses siunitx internally) and scrlttr2 Now I have a calculated currency value of 286.34 which should be 286.35. Since the number is calculated internally by invoice2,...
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Change column titles in invoice2 class

According to the invoice2 manual I can change the variables used for printing column titles etc. through a bunch of "localization options" which all have the prefix invoice2-, like e.g. invoice2-item. ...
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