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{iso} concerns questions on standards covered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

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TeX Live 2023 Unknown Publisher

I downloaded the ISO of TeX Live 2023. When opening the file, the following warning comes out: I’m working on Windows 11. Should I proceed anyway regardless of the warning? Thank you!
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Change the citation's "accessed on" date format

I would like to change the date format that appears in the citation's "urldate". Right now it's at yyyy-mm-dd and I would like to change it to dd/mm/yyyy, I've tried with \usepackage[...
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What is ⍼ used for? [closed]

This is a crosspost from the Mathematics Stack Exchange (original post there deleted), I thought I'd ask here as well in case anyone knows. In the STIX package there is a character called \...
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Classes for the ISO 01.140.30 Documents in administration, commerce and industry family

Are there any classes that implement the requirements of ISO 6422, ISO 8439, or similar national (doesn't matter which or whose) or international standards for commercial and administrative paperwork?
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BibLaTeX customize misc citation, add dot

I am writing a document with multiple bibliography types according to the ISO 690 specification. I have this MWE: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{fancyhdr} \usepackage{...
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isov2 document class - note too deeply nested

I am using the isov2 document class and are using four \note{s in one clause. The isov2 documentation says: NOTE 4 - Similarly, you may get the message! Too deeply nested - Again, hit <return> ...
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Where can we download old versions of TEXLIVE texlive2019.iso, can any one share file link or torrent [duplicate]

I haver searched for it but it is not available on theinternet
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Localized date ranges

biblatex (with biber) supports all kinds of date information, including ranges. Dates follow ISO 8601, which is great, and they are localized (plays nice with babel). I would like to get localized ...
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Recommendations for markup of vectors and matrices [closed]

Up to now I was used to denote vectors by bold italic symbols and matrices by upright bold symbols. Now that I learned that by the norm ISO-80000 also matrices should be written using italic letters, ...
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Using ISO-690 / AFNOR Z 44-005 standard in LaTeX

I'm using Zotero and when I'm exporting the whole collection I can choose the right format, BibTeX here, but when I cite in References it do not follow the ISO-690 standard. Should I use a custom .bib ...
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How can I avoid capital letter in the authors' names using biblatex?

I am using biblatex for citation and its style is iso-authoryear. My problem is that the used style makes the names of the authors capital which I do not want except from the first letter of name ...
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Upright pi within Theorem environment

Using the isomath trick to get upright greek pis works fine almost always, but not inside an amsthm theorem environment. \documentclass{amsart} \newtheorem{theorem}{Theorem}[section] \usepackage[...
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Is there a (tikz) package that supports flowcharts according to ISO 5807?

I wonder if there is a package that fully supports the flowchart symbols defined in ISO 5807:1985 (or at least a hugh amount of them)? I just found the tikz flowchart package from Adrian P. Robson. ...
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Formatting title and clauses in isov2 document class

I am currently working with the isov2 document class. I have been successful in changing the font of the entire document to Times New Roman. However, I would like for the title, table of contents (...
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Header/Footer and isov2 document class

I am currently using the isov2 document class. I would like for a header/footer to be on every page (it varies from even to odd). I am using the current code from the fancyhdr package. % Header and ...
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Typesetting mathematical formulas in line breaking

When you typeset a mathematical formula is there a rule regarding the breaking of the formula in a new line, meaning if for instanse the formula breaks in a plus sign (+) or in a equal sign (=) then ...
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How to define a style for drawings using a special font and siunitx? [closed]

I would like to define a style (e. g. style=techDraw) that gives me the possibility to define the behavior of all technical drawings made by tikz or imported as pdf_tex a. s. o. when the style ...
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why "ff" displays strange using unicode encoding vs. iso-8859-1 in HTML output from tex4ht?

I understand that one should (?) be using UNICODE for html. But using this with tex4ht, always makes "ff" look strange. Why does this happen for "ff"? and based on this test below, should one instead ...
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How to work with two encodings?

I'll try to explain my problem here. I know that there are many posts dealing with this but I'm still confused. We have many files from different machines with different systems. The important is: ...
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ISO: cross product [closed]

ISO norms specify a standard symbol for cross product? I found in many books of mathematics the \times operator, while in physics it seems widely used the \wedge (or \land or another similar ...
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How do I keep cross-references across several documents accurate?

This is a follow-up to my question about quality system documentation management. That question evolved to a different question and Charles suggested to ask a new one, so I'll just quote it here. I ...
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What LaTeX packages are available for ISO quality system documentation?

I wonder if there are any use cases of TeX/LaTeX for ISO quality system documentation. I understand that the basic classes would suffice for logical document structuring, but I'm just wondering if ...
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