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KaTeX is a Javascript-based math rendering library for the web. It allows LaTeX commands as input which are then rendered similar to the way LaTeX itself does it. Note that questions dealing with installation of KaTeX, how it works, or rendering problems are widely considered to be off topic and are at risk of being closed. These questions can be asked on Stack Overflow ( instead.

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calling katex as a filter in plastex [closed]

I am checking out Plastex (page 51), trying to get the author-side rendering but could not use the filter they mentioned in the documentation. How can we use this folder? Filters applied on output ...
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how to render permil symbol with katex? [closed]

I use a markdown editor that relies on KaTeX for maths. Is there a way to get \permil symbol rendered using KaTeX ?
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How do I write the % symbol in KaTeX (in Notion)? [closed]

I tried using backslash but it still just appears as a comment instead of a percent sign, and the same happens for '\qty{70}{%}' or '\qty{70}{\percent}', along with an "Undefined control sequence:...
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How can I make rendered expressions by KaTex on a p5.js canvas show on downloaded images?

I am trying to render LaTeX-Expressions with KaTeX on a p5.js canvas in order to export them together with the canvas as a png and use that elsewhere. The expressions render just fine, but when I ...
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Central superscripts and subscripts with any letter or symbol

I'm trying to write the following in Notion (using KaTeX library): The closest thing I've got is with this code: L_{DNI} = \left( \text{U}_{i=1}^{8} \right) L_A I would like to do the same with ...
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Is there any problem to add a super big number after `\alignat` in ams package? [closed]

In the official document, alignat is followed by the total of "right column and left column" pairs. Here is an examaple of alignat in the document. \begin{alignat}{2} x& = y_1-y_2+y_3-...
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What's the difference between different LaTeX versions like LiveTex, KaTex MacTex etc?

What's the difference between different LaTeX versions like TeX Live, KaTex Mac TeX etc? There are so many of them but I don't really see a difference.
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What happened to my underset?

\hat{y} = \hat{f}(x) = \overset{C}{argmax}\underset{c=1}\> p(y = c|x, D) produces this: How can I use \underset to get c=1 under argmax?
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Double perpendicular symbol in *KaTex* for notion

This is for notion KaTex backend for math formulas. I'm aware of the question double perpendicular symbol (for independence) or others solutions for latex. But as notion does not support explicit ...
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jupyter-notebook - Wrap text inside align-environment

The following is a snippet from a jupyter-notebooks' markdown cell. $$ \begin{aligned} \mathrm{d}J & = \mathrm{tr}(\frac{\mathrm{d}J}{\mathrm{d}\mathbf{A}^{[3]}} \frac{\mathrm{d}\mathbf{A}^{[3]}}{\...
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Is it possible to add a background color just to an accent?

For something like \hat{w} or \vec{v} is it possible to set the background color for just the accent, i.e., the background of w and v would be normal, but the circumflex and vector symbol would be ...
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How do I negate fractions and whole equations [duplicate]

If I'm trying to negate \frac{1}{4} or just whole equations how do I do that? I've tried searching through questions and there are just awnsers on how you do it with symbols like: \neq, \not (etc).
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Does anyone use Madoko to write LaTeX documents or this is an "evolutionary" impass

I've stumbled upon Madoko that merges markdown and LaTeX features into a kind of markdown syntax beefed up with $\LaTeX$ superpowers for maths, structuring, x-references, bibliography, etc. I am ...
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Macro for removing font changes that returns number in default font in KaTeX

So this question explains why \mathnormal doesn't actually return numbers in the default font, but doesn't offer any solution for achieving this. I'm working with KaTeX and have a set of macros for ...
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