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{kindle} is for questions addressing issues related to the Amazon's Kindle device and TeX.

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Research papers in LaTeX to epub

I really don't have any kind of experience dealing with LaTeX files. I'm just trying to read some research papers released in the field of Deep Learning on my Kindle. Mostly, these papers are released ...
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tex4ebook: math symbols in footnote labels

Inspired by other answer I found here, I decided to use endnotes to have all my footnotes and the end of my ebook. The solution works and epubchecker does not complain. Unfortunately, uploading to ...
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Xskak and amazon ebook compatibility

I am using xskak 1.7 package developped by Ulrike Fischer. It's a very clean way to write my book about chess which is now online on amazon, thanks a lot for that ! I ve recently made an ebook ...
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Chess figurines for kindle, both eink and kindle fire

I wrote 13 chess books, using images, well seen on every kind of kindle, old and new. However, they mantain the same size when you change the size of the text. I just saw an old post by Asim, who ...
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Fixed Layout Epub 3 File Format

Epub, like the Amazon Kindle .mobi format, is designed for reflowable text. So LaTeX seems to have made few inroads as the file format philosophies are so different. I came across an article about "...
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Turn marginpar into a regular paragraph

I'm writing notes for a university course. My content goes into a file called content.tex and then use two other files (called notes.tex and kindle.tex) to define styles and use the LaTeX import ...
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How to make a Kindle file from LaTeX

I've looked around on this site and did some Google searches, but I haven't found an answer. I want to take my TeX document and convert it to a Kindle format that can uploaded to the Kindle Digital ...
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LaTeX math textbook conversion to ebook/Kindle

I'm looking to buy a very math-heavy textbook (LeSage's Spatial Econometrics). The Kindle version is about $20 cheaper. Normally, I would be happy with the Kindle version, but I'm nervous about how ...
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Best solutions for (La)TeX on Kindle

I have read Compiling documents online, LaTeX options for kindle?, and some similar Q&A's, but I have more specific question. What are possible, good solutions for compiling TeX/LaTeX documents ...
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LaTeX options for kindle?

I was wondering if there are any good settings to produce a PDF suitable for reading on a (6 inch) kindle. Main use is for intermediate reading of academic papers while they are being written: Text ...
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