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Questions tagged [latex-2-png]

latex2png is a website that converts LaTeX equations into PNGs.

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The dimension of the page is correct

I need to create a figure in latex, which I want to extract as a PNG. My latex code: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{svg} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{subfig} \usepackage[papersize={1000px,...
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How to make transparent background from pdf to png

I try to convert a latex pdf to png and the background should be transparent. So I use pdftopng from XpdfReader for windows to convert: (bat-File) pdflatex Other.tex pdfcrop Other.pdf pdftopng -r ...
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The phantom directive does not do what I expect

Typing these two codes on \sqrt{\phantom{a^2}b} and \sqrt{a^2b} I get the following results:       You will notice that the two square roots ...
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Get depth from a generated PNG with chemfig package

I generate PNG images from latex code to display in web/mobile applications. The general flow is: Client makes an API call with the formula I should render I wrap the formula in a preamble and run ...
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How to load LaTeX libraries in latex2png

I'm not sure whether this question is completely within the scope of TeX.SE (because it is actually related to a special website which uses TeX), but as some users may have some experience to work ...
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